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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume XXIX (29), Number 1, May, 2021

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  William McAninch, Kentucky Pioneer (born before 1765; married 1796 in

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  Tennessee; Kentucky land 1797-1813; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

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  William McAninch, Kentucky Pioneer: We believe that our two early Kentucky pioneers,

  Daniel McAninch and William McAninch, were probably related, and traveled together through

  (eastern) Tennessee and the Cumberland Gap into Lincoln County, Kentucky, in the late 1790s.

  Fortunately, William can be traced through the 1790s to his death in 1813. Unfortunately, there

  are a lot of related myths and misrepresentations about William and his family. This article,

  with specific source citations, summarizes the known facts and timeline for William McAninch,

  his wife, and five (known) sons. The article also exposes (and de-bunks) some of the myths and

  legends about William and his family, with historical context and analysis of the known facts.

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