McAninch John M., carpenter, h 622 Wash'n Av [City Dir.] [5.c] (1873 p.830)


Wiliam Mcninch, Age 27, Single, died 13 Nov 1874, Philadelphia; born ca.1847,

Manayunk, son of James Mcninch and Bridget Mcninch; Address No. 4448 Hood St.,

Manayunk; Buried: 18 Nov 1874, Saint Johns Church, Manayunk [Death Cert.] [3]


McAninch Alice, wid Daniel, h 1210 N 2d [City Dir.] [5.c] (1877 p.901)

McAninch J. M., carpenter, 338 Bradford [City Dir.] [5.c] (1877 p.901)


McAninch J. M., carpenter, 338 Bradford [City Dir.] [5.c] (1878 p.964)


John McAninch, Carpenter, age 48, Married, died 15 Jun 1878, Philadelphia;

Born ca.1830 Pennsylvania; Residence 512 Federal, Ward 2, Philadelphia;

Burial: 18 Jun 1878, Lafayette Cemetery (now defunct), Philadelphia

[former location) Federal Street, between 9th and 10th Streets, Philadelphia] [D.C.] [3]

[and]  https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/1909817/lafayette-cemetery-(defunct)


McAninch Mary E., wid John, h 512 Federal [City Dir.] [5.c] (1879 p.995)

McNinch James, h 4347 Cresson, Myk [City Dir.] [5.c] (1879 p.1072)

McNinch Joseph A., driver, h 4347 Cresson, Myk [City Dir.] [5.c] (1879 p.1072)


Esther (McAninch) Talbot, 35, and her mother Alice McAninch, 68, both b.Ireland,

    in the household of William Talbot:

    Talbot Wm Self M 45 (b.ca.1835) Married (occ) Furnishings Store b./f.b./m.b.Ireland

    "[Talbot] Esther Wife F 35 (b.ca.1845) Married Keeping House b./f.b./m.b.Ireland

    "[Talbot] William Son M 6 (b.ca.1874) Single At School b.Penna. f.b./m.b.Ireland

    "[Talbot] Robert J. Son M 3 (b.ca.1877) Single b.Penna. f.b./m.b.Ireland

    McAninch Alice Mother-in-Law F 68 (b.ca.1812) Widow b./f.b./m.b.Ireland

    North Second Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Penn., 1st of June 1880

    NARA T9 Roll 1176 p.320'B' ED 315 / MFHN v.X n.2 April 2002 p.2002-11


[and] McNinch (not McWinch) James Male Married (occ) (blank) 75 b./f.b./m.b.Ireland

    "(McNinch) Bridget Wife Female 66 (not 60) (occ) Keeping House b./f.b./m.b.Ireland

    "(McNinch) Elizabath Daughter Female 25 (sic) Single (occ) Dressmaker b.Penn.

    "(McNinch) Joseph (not Jaspah) Son Male 23 (sic) Single (occ) Paper Mill b.Penn.

    Cresson Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., 10 June 1880, ED 422 pg.20 sh.54'D'


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