M'Ninch John, weaver, 64 No. Sixth St., p.83 / Philadelphia City Directory [5.b]

https://archive.org/details/philadelphiadire1791phil/page/n1 > M’Ninch on p.83


McA/I/Ninch in Pennsylvania, 1800, in the Second Census of the United States:

"Pennsylvania: 1800 census Philadelphia" "John Mackinish 0 0 0 0 1 - 1 0 1 0 1"

four people - 1 Male over 45 (John himself, born before 1755),

1 Female 0-10 (prob. a daughter, born 1790-1800),

1 Female 16-25 (prob. an older daughter, born 1775-1784), and

1 Female over 45 (prob. John's wife, name unknown, born before 1755)

(the same family, John, Mary, and children?) MFHN v.V n.3 August 1997 p.1997-24



Sam(uel) McAninch, born ca.1786, Pewter Platter Alley, in the City of Philadelphia:

[1806] Affadavit: pg. 1 of 2 / 14459 / Sam McAninch / 26 July 1806 [1806, not 1808]

pg. 2 of 2 / [top half] Phila County Pa / personally appeared before me [?name of J. P.]

Samuel Mcaninch . . . on oath doth say for a Report Record / Born in the City of Phila

about twenty years of age with a dark complexion[,] dark black eyes[,] five feet

two inches + three quarters of an inch high[,] one scar on his right thigh + three scars

on his left fingers[,] one on his right [(w)rist? foot?] [and also noted] dark hair

Samuel X Mcaninch his mark / sworn the 26 day of July 1806 Jos.[?] [Cop . . .(sp?)]

[bottom half of page] Phila County Pa / personally appeared . . . Parker Harris . . .

he has known the above named Samuel McAninch + from the knowledge he has of him

. . . he [Parker] is certain [Samuel] was born in pewter platter alley in the City of Phila

Parker X Harris his mark / sworn the 26 day of July 1806

[Justice of the Peace] Jos.[?] [Jas.?] Cooperthwait / Cowperthwait / Carperthwait [sp?]

Affadavit of Samuel Mcaninch in "U.S., Citizenship Affidavits of US-born Seamen at

Select Ports, 1792-1869", 1806 [not 1808], in "All U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes,

1791-1992" (Indexed in World Archives Project), www.ancestry.com


Pewter Platter Alley, Philadelphia, named for a tavern that once stood there which had

as its trade sign a pewter platter. The Alley still exists today, as the 100 block of Church

Street, running from Front to 2nd Street.  http://www.philahistory.net/pewter.html

Pewter-platter Alley, on the W[west] side of Front St. between High and Mulberry St.

This ran and still runs (as the 100 block of Church Street) from Front to 2nd Street.

The Prospect of Philadelphia (1796) says it opened between #14 and #16 N. Front St.,

and between #15 and #19 N. 2nd St.  http://www.philahistory.net/alleys.html


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