Daniel McAninch (b.1750-1755, Ireland), John McAninch (b.ca.1760, Ireland), and


any other early McA/I/Ninch’s would almost certainly have come into Penn’s Colony

through the Port of Philadelphia (at that time, both Ireland and Pennsylvania were

British Crown Colonies, so, only ‘head count’ records, no passenger lists with names).


Jan. 2, 1772, in the Pennsylvania Gazette, weekly newspaper published in Philadelphia,


ad for runaway (?indentured) servants from Carroll's Tract, York County, two Irish

servant men, Daniel M'Anitinie, about 21 years of age, and James M'Cormick . . .

Reward / Ran away . . . Daniel McAnitinie . . ., MFHN v.VIII n.2 April 2000 p.2000-12



8 Apr. 1777, John McNinch married Mary Love, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County [2.a]


Philadelphia City Directories, 69 directories between 1785 and 1867 are available at


the Internet Archives, from the Library of the Philadelphia Museum of Art [5.a] [5.b].

Only a few McA/Ninch listings (1801, 1850’s, 1867), included in the timeline below.


John McAninch . . . convicted of a breach of the peace at City Court [see 1786, next]


Feb. 25, 1786: Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania . . . [at]

Philadelphia, petition of John Dugan, John McAnninch (sic) (and others) convicted of a

breach of the peace at last City Court . . . Colonial Records of Pennsylvania, v.14 p.647

"Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, 1786:" MFHN v.V n.2 May 1997 p.1997-10



Sam (Samuel?) McAninch, born ca.1786, in Philadelphia [see 1806 Affadavit, below]


Delaware County, created 1789, from Chester County [1] (p.99)


McA/I/Ninch in Pennsylvania, 1790, in the First Census of the United States

Daniel McAninch and John McAninch are in Westmoreland County, western Penn.;

McNinch, John / Weaver / 1 2 2 0 0 (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, pg.224)

1 Free white males, 16 years and up, including heads of families (John, b.bef.1774)

2 Free white males under 16 years (prob. two sons, both b.ca.1774-1790)

2 Free white females (prob. his wife, name unknown, and daughter b.est.1770-1790)

(is this John who married Mary Love in 1777?) MFHN v.IV n.1 Feb. 1996 p.1996-04



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