McA/I/Ninch 1700s-1800s Events in the Philadelphia area


The Pennsylvania Colony (Province of Pennsylvania),was founded in English North

America by William Penn on March 4, 168, by royal charter granted by King Charles II.

The name Pennsylvania, roughly translated as "Penn's Woods", was created from the

Penn surname (in honor of William's father, Admiral Sir William Penn) and the Latin

word ‘sylvania’, meaning "forest land". The Penn family held the proprietary charter

until the American Revolution, when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was created,

one of the original thirteen states.


Three original counties, Bucks, Chester, and Philadelphia, were defined [1] (p.224)


Lancaster County, created 10 May 1729, from Chester (inc. Bedford area) [1] (p.135)


York County, created 19 Apr. 1749, from Lancaster (including Adams area) [1] (p.270)


Cumberland County, created 27 Jan. 1750, from Lancaster and Non-County, including

southwestern Penn. [1] (p.87) . . . . often referred to as "Mother Cumberland" because

of the twenty counties that were later created from it [Franklin, Bedford, Somerset,

Greene, Washington, Westmoreland, Cambria, Blair, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry and Centre,

as well as parts of Beaver, Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana, Clearfield, Clinton, Union and

Snyder]. In 1750, Cumberland County lands . . . stretched from the Susquehanna River

on the east, to the Forks of the Ohio on the west, and Maryland on the south.


[1750-1767] Eleven early McA/Ninch's in western Pennsylvania


1. First Generation: Six McA/Ninch's in early western Pennsylvania

2. Second Generation: (at least) Four McA/Ninch's in early western Pennsylvania

3. Second Generation? Third Generation? John McAninch born 23 Feb. 1821

4. Contemporary First Generation: (William) Alexander McAninch in central Penn.

Two of the 'First Generation' men, Daniel (b.1750-1755) and William (b.bef.1765) are

related (brothers or cousins), and went to Kentucky together. However, there are no

proven family connections (yet) among the other four McA/Ninch's and their families:

John McAninch (, Archibald McNinch (b.1760-1765), William McAninch

(b.1770-1775), and Henry McAninch (b.1777). MFHN v.XXI n.2 Apr.2013 p.2013-10


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