Other McA/I/Ninch records found in Humboldt County, Nevada:

1. Harry McAninch, of Mendocino County, California, got 480.73 acres of land on a

    Nevada State Patent (land all in Twp 44 N, R 39 E, Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian),

    (Application No. 13307, Patent No. 6858 by The State of Nevada), and then Harry

    sold that same 480.73 acres to James E. (?) Hardin, for Five dollars ($5) gold coin.

    [a] 22 Oct. 1898, Deeds, Book 34 p.564, and 17 Aug. 1910, Deeds, Book 46 p.460

    [b] Harry McAninch, b.1873-1874, in California, son of Martin Van Buren McAninch

        and Alfonza J. (Williams) McAninch, of Mendocino County, California, grand-son

        of Jonathan and Telitha (Turpin) McAninch, of Kentucky, and great-grand-son of

        William and Laodieca McAninch (William died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky).

    [c] Harry McAninch was second-cousin to Gus, John, and Mary from Vernon County,

        Missouri, and they may have known each other, although there are no records that

        suggest that Harry McAninch ever lived in Nevada.

2. Dossie McNinch, b.ca.1890, Missouri, and his family, found in the Humboldt County

    census records, Winnemucca, in 1930, and Union Township, in 1940:

    1930: Dossie H Mcninch 40 Mar. b.Missouri f.b.New York m.b.Tennessee "Farmer"

        Mable J Mcninch 33 b.California / Daniel E Mcninch 12 b.California /

        Edna M Mcninch 11 b.Nevada / David H Mcninch 8 b.Nevada /

        Glen K Mcninch 6 b.Nevada / Jane C Mcninch [3 1/12] b.Nevada /

        Grace Mcninch [1 4/12] b.Nevada / NARA T626 Roll 1296 E.D. 12 pg.2'A'

    1940: Doss Mcninch M 49 Mar. b.Missouri "Well Driller" [res.1935] Same House

        Mabel Mcninch wife F 43 / Dan Mcninch M 23 /

        David Mcninch M 18 / Glenn Mcninch M 16 / Jean Mcninch F 13 /

        Grace Mcninch F 11 / Doris Mcninch F 9 / Dorothy Mcninch F 7 /

        Henry Mcninch M 5 b.Nevada / NARA T627 Roll 2278 E.D. 7-10 sh.2’A’

Except as reported above, no other McA/Ininch entries were found in the record books

at the Humboldt County Recorder’s Office, 25 W. Fourth St., Winnemucca, Nevada:

Humboldt County Deed Books: Vol.1 1863-1891; Vol.2 1891-1916; Vol.3 1916-1946

Humboldt County Notices [mining claims] : Index: Vol.1 1862-1905;

    Vol.2 1906 (John, 14 claims); Vol.3 1907-1908; Vol.4 1909-1915; Vol.5 1916-1922

Humboldt County Mining Assessments: Vol.1 1904-1913 (Gus, 1912); Vol.2 1913-1955


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