The Awakening district, also known as the Amos district, is in the Slumbering Hills

(Twps 39 and 40 N., R’s. 35 and 36 E.) between Silver State Valley and Desert Valley.

Placer gold was recovered from stream gravels along Teepee Creek in the Slumbering

Hills in 1914. The Creek is not shown on the maps of the area but is probably on the

east side of the hills that were the locale of prospecting activity at that time.

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[25] Awakening District (Humboldt): www.forgottennevada.org/sites/awakening.html


In 1917, John, age 56, and Gus, 50, were not required to register for the WWI Draft.


Gus McAninch and his sister Mary P. Lusk are together, back in Bates County, Missouri:

McAninch, Gustus (sic, not Gulius) G., Head, 53 S(single) b.Missouri f.b.Tennessee

    m.b.Ohio (occ) "Farmer" "General Farm" (and) Owns Home, Free (not Mortgaged)

Lusk, Mary T.(P.?) Sister 48 Widow, b.Missouri f.b.Tennessee m.b.Ohio (occ) "None"

Missouri, Bates County, Mingo Township, "29+30" Jan. 1920

[26] NARA T625 Roll 905 p.56'B' E.D. 6 sh.11'B'


Mary P. (McAninch) Lusk, age 52, died 8 Feb. 1924, in Bates County, Missouri, buried

with her husband, Barnett E. Lusk, in Double Branch Cemetery, Pleasant Gap Township

[27] www.sos.mo.gov/archives/resources/deathcertificates

[28] www.cemetery.poplarheightsfarm.org/html/double_branch.html


Gus McAninch, age 58, died 8 Mar. 1926, in Bates County, Missouri (burial unknown).

Informant: John McAninch / (Address) Adrian Mo., on brother Gus' Death Certificate


John Mcaninch Head 69 (b.ca.1861) Single b.Missouri f.b.Kentucky m.b.Ohio

(occ) "Farmer" "General Farm" / Home: Owned / Radio Set: Yes / Lives on Farm: Yes

Mingo Twp., Bates County, Missouri, 3 Apr. 1930; NARA T626 R 1176 E.D. 16 sh.1’B’


McAninch, John S. Head M 79 (b.ca.1861) Widowed b.Missouri (occ) "farmer" "farm"

Mingo Twp., Bates Co., Missouri, 13-15 Apr. 1940; NARA T627 R 2084 ED 7-16 sh.3B


John S. McAninch, age 93, died 12 Jan. 1955, Bates County, Missouri, and is buried

with his father, William Charles McA., in Double Branch Cemetery, Pleasant Gap Twp.


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