In April, 1912, brothers Gus and John both applied for U.S. Passports, preparing to

travel abroad, and both listed Winnemucca, Nevada, as their permanent residence.


On 15 April 1912, Gus received his passport in Washington D.C., application 70422:

Gus . . . born at Bates Co. in the State of Mo. 16 August 1867 . . . permanent residence

Winnemucca, Nevada, occupation Farmer / Age: 44 / Stature: 5 feet 6 half inches [sic] /

Forehead: high / Eyes: blue / Nose: prominent / Mouth: straight / Chin: round / Hair:

light brown / Complexion: florid / Face: oval / passport to: Deliverance [he waited for it].

[21] United States Passport Applications, 1795-1925, www.familysearch.org

    (collection contains U.S. Passport Applications from NARA M1490 and M1372)



On the next day, in New York City, John applied for his passport, application 70655:

John . . . born at Village of Johnstown [sic], State of Missouri, 22 Feb. 1861, permanent

residence Town of Winnemucca, Nevada, occupation Farmer / Age: 51 / Stature:

5 feet, 6 inches / Forehead: medium height and breadth / Eyes: blue / Mouth: rather

large / Chin: round / Hair: dark brown / Complexion: fair / Face: angular

. . . witness as to mark: Charles McKee, Gus McAninch / his mark John ‘X’ McAninch /

. . . sworn 16 April 1912, before Charles McKee, Notary Public, New York County . . .


On 23 June 1912, John and Gus returned to New York, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

McAninch, Gus, (Ethnicity) U S Born, (Arrival) 23 Jun 1912, (Age) 43y (Gender) M

    (Marital) S, (Ship) Byron, (Departure) Rio de Janeiro, Federal District, Brazil, and

McAninch, John, (Ethnicity) U S Born, (Arrival) 23 Jun 1912, (Age) 51y (Gender) M

    (Marital) S, (Ship) Byron, (Departure) Rio de Janeiro, Federal District, Brazil.

[22] Ellis Island Records, online www.ellisislandrecords.org


On 21 Dec. 1912, Gus McAninch . . . says that at least one hundred dollars worth of

labor or improvements . . . was made upon the Last Chance No. 2 mining claim situated

in Awakening Mining District, County of Humboldt, State of Nevada, during the year

ending December 31, 1912. The labor performed and improvements made and the

value thereof are particularly described as follows: An open out thirty-six feet long,

three and one half feet wide at the location monument of said Last Chance No. 2 mining

claim. Such expenditure was made by or at the expense of John McAninch the owner

of said claim in accordance with requirements of the Statutes of the United States for

the purpose of holding said claim.

[23] Humboldt County Mining Assessment Bk 2 p.312; County Recorder, Winnemucca


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