John S. McAninch is still in Rebel Creek, ‘just over the ridge’ from Gus, and their sister

Mary P. (McAninch) Lusk has come to Rebel Creek, both boarders on the same farm:

Scott, Thomas, head M 55 M1(Mar.,1) b./f.b./m.b.England [occ] Farmer, Stock Raising

(Scott) Helen, wife F 48 Mar.1 23(yrs) 8 children, 6 living, b./f.b./m.b.Germany

(Scott) six sons: Walter, Fred, Harry, Robert, Allen, Frankie, all b.Oregon

Bretz, Thomas H. Boarder M 26 S(single) b.Missouri [occ] Mine Proprietary

Bretz, William S. Boarder M 40 S b.Missouri [occ] Mine Proprietor

Barltenay, Herman Boarder M 45 S b.Kansas [occ] Teamster

Jones, Grace M. Boarder F 24 S b.California [occ] School Teacher

Levy, Cecil V. Boarder F 20 b. California [occ] none

Lusk, Mary P., Boarder F 38 Widow, 2 children, 1 living [occ] Sales Lady, Gen. Store

McAninch, John S., Boarder M 48 S(single) [occ] Laborer, Farm

        [Mary and John are both enumerated as] b.Missouri, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Ohio

Rebel Creek Precinct, Humboldt County, Nevada, 5 May 1910

[there are no known connection(s) with the Scott's, nor with the other five boarders]

[16] NARA T624 R. 858 p.261 E.D. 39 sh.6'A' [MFHN v.XI.n.4 Oct. 2003 p.2003-29]


On 9 Jan. 1911, John S. McAninch buys 360 acres of land (including what is known as

"Cane Springs Station") in Township 41 North, Range 37 East, Mount Diablo Base and

Meridian, for Ten dollars ($10), from the Humboldt Cattle Corporation, of California.

[17] Humboldt County Deeds, Book 46 p.290; Humboldt Co. Recorder, Winnemucca


Cane Springs Station: Amos (historical site, abandoned), Humboldt County, Nevada;

“This place is also known as Cane Springs Station, Cane Spring and Kane Springs”

[18] www.placekeeper.com/Nevada/Amos-858700.html

[1865 and later] "The stage route passed through Winnemucca to Willow Point Station

on the Little Humboldt River, over Paradise Hill to Cane Springs, and continued north

through the Quinn River Valley and on to Idaho" [until traffic shifted to the railroad]

[19] Prehistory and History of the Winnemucca District , by Regina C. Smith, pg.113,

    pub. Reno, Nevada, 1983, Bureau of Land Management, Winnemucca District Office



And, just after the New Year, slightly under one year later, on 2 Jan. 1912, John sells

these 360 acres (including the “Cane Springs Station”) to I. B. English, of McDermitt,

Humboldt County, Nevada, for the same amount of money, Ten dollars ($10)

[20] Humboldt County Deeds, Book 47 p.257; Humboldt Co. Recorder, Winnemucca


Humboldt County, Nevada: Three McAninch’s from Missouri                     pg.2018-09

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