Two prospectors from Winnemucca stumbled upon an outcrop of gold-bearing ore on the


northeastern slope of Buckskin Mountain. The next year, some of the richest gold ore

ever mined in Nevada was discovered 4 miles north of Buckskin Mountain. The ore was

a true bonanza. The boom town that sprang up near the mine became known as National.

Named after the extraordinary gold vein, the town of National only lasted about 10 years.

Nevertheless, nearly 7 million dollars worth of ore was taken from the National lode.

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National mining district . . . on the western slope of the Santa Rosa Range, in Twp 46 N.,

Range 39 E., sections 27, 28, 33, 34. The traveler from the south can reach the district

. . . [from] McConnell's ranch [Quinn River Valley], on a road that ascends the gentle

slope of Three-mile Creek . . . , About 2 miles up the creek . . . this road turns with

steeper grade up the canyon of a small tributary of Three-mile Creek coming from the

north. At the basin-like head of this canyon is the town of National, which stands 1,300

feet above the base of the range and about 6,100 feet above sea level.

[13] Geology and Mineral Deposits of the National Mining District, Nevada, by

    Waldemar Lindgren, 1915, U.S. Geological Survey, Dept. of the Interior, Washington

    D.C., pg.18; available online https://pubs.usgs.gov/bul/0601/report.pdf


National: town begun 1909; several stores, weekly Miner newspaper, stage line in 1911;


Post Office operated 1908 to 1919; weekly "National Miner" published for 4 years,

1910-1913; today, abandoned town site lies in the Humbold-Toiyabe National Forest

[14] "Humboldt County's Historical Legacy" articles by J.P. Marden, Marden Historical

    Research, in the Nevada Room, Humboldt County Library, 85 E 5th St., Winnemucca


Gus McAninch is working as a Teamster in the boom town of National, Nevada:

Caple, Constantine F., Head M 54 S(single) b.Tennessee [occ] Farmer, Rooming House

McAninch, Augustus, Lodger M 43 S b.Missouri, f.b.Penn., m.b.Ohio [occ] Teamster

Reeves, John, Lodger M W 54 S b./f.b./m.b.No.Carolina [occ] Miner

Merritt, Edward E., Lodger, M W 55 Mar. 32(yrs) b./f.b./m.b.Ohio [occ] Baker, Mining

National Precinct, Humboldt County, Nevada, 27 Apr. 1910

[there are no known connection(s) with the other three men, Caple, Reeves, or Merritt]

[‘McArrinda’ (sic) in Nevada index, see MFHN v.XI.n.4 October 2003 p.2003-29]

[15] NARA T624 Roll 858 p.256 E.D. 39 sh.1'A'


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