Gus McAninch’s 160 acre homestead was located in the northern Quinn River Valley,

just south of the Oregon state line, and south-west of present-day McDermitt, Nevada.

The homestead land is located on McDermitt Creek. On the original 1879 survey map.

it appears to be part of ‘Lot No. 38 U.S. Hay Reserve Grassland’; on the 1891 survey,

the land is shown on McDermitt Creek north of the McDermitt Creek junction with the

East Branch of Quin’s River [sic]. Land Patent and Survey Maps are available online:

[3] https://glorecords.blm.gov > Land Patents > State: Nevada / Last Name: McAninch;

[4] NARA Homestead Final Certificates, 1864-1908; NAI No. 7551460; Records of

    the Bureau of Land Management, 1685-2006; Record Group No. 49; ancestry.com

[5] Quinn River (Valley) (with area map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinn_River


However, Gus did not live on his homestead for five years, nor make the improvements

expected by the Homestead Act. In fact, just one year later, on 13 Dec. 1898, Gus sold

these 160 acres to James A. Hardin, for $500, and we do not know where Gus went next

[6] Humboldt County Deeds, Book 34 p.133; Humboldt County Recorder, Winnemucca

[7] $500 1898 worth ~$15,000 today: www.measuringworth.com/calculators/uscompare


John McAninch came to Humboldt County, Nevada, before the 1900 census.


John McAninch was in Humboldt County in 1900, enumerated on the Higginson farm:

[total of 14 people] Higginson, James Head M 42 b./f.b./m.b.Ireland [occ] Farm Sup't

Mc Anich [sic], John M 32 b.Apl.1868 Single b./f.b./m.b.Missouri [occ] Farm Laborer

12 other men: 9 Farm Laborers: Ralph Aramburu 22 b.Spain, Frank Aramburu 24

    b.Spain, Raphael Ring 40 b.California, Fred Castro 32 b.Mexico, Guadalupe Hurtado

    45 b.Mexico, Alfred Bradburn 28 b.Oregon, Allen Diamond 25 b.Missouri, Ambrose

    Callahan 22 b.California, Walter Mitchel 18 b.California, Frank Connors 21 b.Nevada,

    Jerry Gallivan 41 b.Illinois; with 1 Blacksmith: Peter Jasmin 56 b.Canada (French),

    and 2 Cooks: Loy Yang 39 b.China, Chin Loy 41 b.China

Humboldt County, Rebel Creek Precinct, 7th-8th-9th-11th-12th June 1900 [sic],

E.D. 21 (4 precincts: McDermitt, Paradise, Rebel Creek, Willow Point) (Sup.Dist.264)

[8] NARA T623 Roll 943 sh.2'A'-2'B', FHL film 1,240,943. Indexed "McAnich"

[9] precincts in E.D. 21: www.us-census.org/states/nevada/teams/Humboldt1900.htm


Augustus ‘Gus’ McAninch has not been found on the 1900 census; he may have been

living in one of the rural mining areas in Humboldt County, and was not enumerated.

And Barnett E. Lusk and Mary P. (McAninch) Lusk were still in Bates County, Missouri.


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