Humboldt County, Nevada: Three McAninch’s from Missouri


Dr. William Charles McAninch was born 7 Nov. 1830, in Kentucky, son of Samuel and


Margaret (Myers) McAninch. as described in the 1883 book: History of Cass and Bates

Counties, Missouri, pub. National Historical Co., St. Joseph; pps. 504, 538, 545, 1249.

[1] Transcriptions and analysis are available on the website: McAninch in the History

    of Cass and Bates Counties, Missouri, 1883, MFHN v.XVI n.1 Jan. 2008 p.2008-06,


Dr. William Charles and Virginia A. (Ridgeway) McAninch had four children:


1. John S. McAninch, born 22 Feb. 1861, Johnston, Bates County, Missouri; in his 30’s,

    John went to Humboldt County, Nevada, before 1900, back in Missouri in the 1920’s;

2. Charles William McAninch, born 1863, Johnston, Bates County, Missouri;

3. Augustus ‘Gus’ G. McAninch, born 16 Aug. 1867, Johnston, Bates County, Missouri;

    Gus, age 30, homesteaded in Humboldt County in 1897, and back in Missouri in 1920;

4. Mary Permelia McAninch, born 14 Feb. 1871, Johnston, Bates County, Missouri;

    Mary married Dr. Barnett E. Lusk, 18 Jan. 1890; Barnett died in 1901; Mary, in her

    late 30’s, joined brothers John and Gus in Nevada, and then back in Missouri in 1920.


The Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met at Promontory Summit, Utah, to

finish the Pacific Railroad, which came to be known as the Transcontinental Railroad.

Winnemucca, Nevada, county seat of Humboldt County, was on the C.P.R.R. main line,

and Missouri travelers could change trains in Ogden, Utah, en route to Winnemucca

(Amtrak still stops in Winnemucca today, all on the Union Pacific Railroad main line).

[2] Good Nevada maps available free online, State of Nevada Highways Map, and

    Humboldt County, especially the Zone 4 map, at > Maps


On 22 Oct. 1897, Augustus G. McAninch received a 160-acre homestead in northern

Humboldt County, granted by the Land Office in the state capital, Carson City, Nevada:

Township 47 North, Range 38 East, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian (MDBM), in

Section 7, South half of Northeast quarter, and adjoining North half of Southeast quarter,

(80+80) 160 acres (Application No. 473; Carson City Certificate No. 230, 22 Oct. 1897,

official Homestead Certificate No. 230, from Washington, D.C., dated 3 Feb. 1898,

signed for William McKinley, President, by the Secretary of the General Land Office).


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