Data: Name, Relationship, Mar.Status, Age, M/F, Occ., Employed(Y/N), Birthplace


England 1901 census: some McA/I/Ninch’s; Wales 1901: no McA/I/N~’s [N:3]


Ireland 1901 census: three McAninch households [National Archives of Ireland] [N:2]


Scotland 1901 census: on the night of 31 March/1 April 1901 [McA/Ininch’s] [N:3]


Alex McAnich [Alex McAinsh] Head 29 [b.ca.1872] b.Scotland [occ] Hotel Keeper


Elizabeth McAnich Wife 29 [b.ca.1872]

Alexander McAnich Son 5 [b.ca.1896] / Nestor McAnich Son 4 [b.ca.1897] /

Emma Wright Visitor 50 / Ann Walley Visitor 67 / Sarah Aldcroft 26 Barmaid /

Elizabeth Bellis 44 Servant / Harry Austin 19 [occ] B. Maker [sic]

Lancashire, South Manchester, Chorlton, Hulme, RG13 Piece 3704 Folio 9 pg.9


John McAnnich Head 68 [b.ca.1833] b.Ireland [Status] Married [no occ. given]   [N:4]


Harriett "[McAnnich] Wife 53 [b.ca.1848] b.England / Married [occ] Laundress

William Atkins Visitor 14 b.Greenwich, Kent, England

London [county], Greenwich, Greenwich West, RG13 Piece 537 Folio 74 pg.17


[John McNinch in household of] Alice Butler Head F 73 b.Hull, Yorkshire         [N:4]


William Butler Son M 32 b.Hull, Yorkshire / Alice Butler Niece F 18 b.Hull, Yorkshire

John Wilson Boarder M 21 b.Ballymena [not Mally Mena], Antrim, Ireland

Robert Barker Boarder M 25 b.Ballymena [not Mally Mena], Antrim, Ireland

John McNinch Boarder M 19 [b.ca.1882] b.Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland [occ] Plasterer

Yorkshire (East Riding), Sculcoates, Queens Road Elm Street, RG 13 Sch.124 pg.18


Three McAninch households in County Antrim [National Archives of Ireland] [N:2]


[one] Alexander McAninch, 40, not married, and his mother, Mary J. McKinlay, 70;

[two] Daniel McAninch, 60, Shoemaker, and his wife Ellen McAninch, 40;

[and] Jane McAninch, 70, widow, and her son Samuel McAninch, 30, not married;

Ulster Province, (northern) Ireland, 1901 and 1911 Census, MFHN v.XXI n.4 Oct. 2013

page 2013-36: http://www.mcaninch.net/Newsletter/mfn21y2013/m21p36w6.htm


McA/I/Ninch in 1881 to 1911 England / Ireland / Scotland Census Records: pg.2017-26

McAninch Family History NL v.XXV n.2 /  June 2017  /  Copyright Frank McAninch

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