McA/I/Ninch in 1881 to 1911 England / Ireland / Scotland U.K. Census Records

All U.K. census records [England, Ireland (through 1911), Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, etc.]

are restricted under Crown Copyright, and closed to the public for 100 years after their date, so,

[1] image files are generally available only on subscription / pay-per-view websites, and

[2] the 1911 census records are the latest available today. [National Archives (U.K.)] [Note N:1]






Data requested: Name, Relationship, Marital Status, Age, M/F, Occupation, Birthplace


England 1881 census: no McA/I/Ninch’s; Wales 1881 census: no McA/I/Ninch’s [N:3]


Ireland 1881 census [no 1881 records available at National Archives of Ireland] [N:2]


Scotland 1881: census was taken on the night of 3 April 1881 [McA/I/Ninch’s] [N:3]

Scotland 1881: Note: many of the people on the 1881 census were reported earlier,

"McAninch in the 1881 Census of Scotland", without family groups, MFHN v.VIII n.2

April 2000 p.2000-15:


Elizabeth McAninsh Servant F 39 [] b.Scotland / Single / Housemaid   [N:4]


Sophia Sharp Head F 71 b.Scotland / Sophia Sharp Daughter F 40 b.East Indies /

Elizabeth Collis Servant F 59 b.England / Agnes Armstrong Servant F 15 b.England

London, Middlesex, Paddington, Leinster Sq., RG11 Piece/Folio 21/85 pg.1


Maria McIninch Head F 37 [ b.Campsie, Scotland [Status] Married     [N:4]


Thomas McIninch Son M 14 [] b.Wittle Le Woods, Lancashire, England

Marguret McIninch Daughter F 13 [] b.Wittle Le Woods, Lancashire, England

Isabella McIninch Daughter F 10 [] b.Levenshulme, Lancashire, England

Alfred McIninch Son M 9 [] Levenshulme, Lancashire, England

Robert H[en]ry McIninch Son M 7 [] b.Broadbottom, Cheshire, England

Mary McIninch Daughter F 5 [] b.Crawshawbooth, Lancashire, England

Lilly McIninch Daughter F 3 [] b.Crawshawbooth, Lancashire, England

Clare McIninch Daughter F 2 [] b.Crawshawbooth, Lancashire, England

George Rush Boarder M 21 [] b.Berhead, Scotland

Lancashire, Haslingden, Higher Booths, Providence Terrace, RG11 Pc4132 Fol.27 p48


McA/I/Ninch in 1881 to 1911 England / Ireland / Scotland Census Records: pg.2017-18

McAninch Family History NL v.XXV n.2 /  June 2017  /  Copyright Frank McAninch

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