John Lowing Head 71 Mar.[Married] b.Devon [occ] Retired Miller / Journeyman


Sarah Lowing Wife 66 Mar. b.Kent, Folkstone / Richard Lowing 20 b."[Folkstone]

Mary McAninch Granddaughter 4 [b.ca.1857] b."[Folkestone, Kent, England]

William McAninch Grandson 2 [b.ca.1859] b."[Folkestone, Kent, England]

Kent [county], Folkestone St Mary, Elham, RG 9 P 551 Folio 108 p.32 GSU 542660


Annie McAnich [prob. McAnish] 19 [b.ca.1842] b.Comrie, Perth. / Servant Housemaid


[household of] John Anderson Head 55 [occ] Hold Keeper . . . [and 34 other people]

Perthshire [county], Logie [parish], Qgans Hold, ED 3, pg.26, line 18, CSSCT1861_50


Cathrine McAninch Head 45 [b.ca.1816] b.Maskart, Perthsh[ire] [no occ. given]


John Malcolm Brother 29 [b.ca.1832] b.England [occ] Engineer & Oranfntana [sic]

Lanarkshire, Glasgow Govan, 92 West St. Kingston Ter., ED 74 p7 ln12 CSS’1861_111


Henry McAninch Head 33 [b.ca.1828] b.Ireland [occ] Agricultural Labourer     [N:5]


Bridget McAninch Wife 35 [b.ca.1826] b.Ireland [no occ. given]

Henry McAninch Son 7 [b.ca.1854] b.Houston, Renfrewshire [occ] Scholar

Mary Ann McAninch Daughter 4 [b.ca.1857] b.Houston, Renfrewshire [occ] Scholar

Janet McAninch Daughter 2 [b.ca.1859] b.Houston, Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire, Houston and Killellan, Burnbrae St., ED 3 pg.22 line 22 CSSCT1861_78


Henry McInninch Father-in-law 60 [b.ca.1801] b.Ireland [occ] Street Labourer


[with McCormick family] John McCormick Head 31 b.Ireland [occ] Spirit Dealer /

Mary McCormick Wife 36 b.Ireland [maiden name Mary McA/In(n)inch?]

Mary McCormick [dau.?] 3 / Rose Ann McCormick [dau.?] 1

Renfrewshire, Port Glasgow, Scarlow St. Denniston's Land, ED 13 p.19 ln 23 C’61_81


Hugh McAninch Head 35 [b.ca.1826] b.Ireland [occ] Limestone Miner       [Note N:7]


Ann McAninch Wife 40 [b.ca.1821] b.Ireland [occ] Grocer

John McAninch Son 13 [b.ca.1848] b.Campsie, Stirlingshire [occ] Scholar

Eliza McAninch Daughter 10 [b.ca.1851] b.Campsie, Stirlingshire [occ] Scholar

[and three Boarders] John Cooper 21 Lime Works Labourer /

Robert McMillan 21 Alum Works Labourer / James McMillan 23 Tailor (Journeyman)

Stirlingshire, Campsie [parish], Donnies Land, Main St., ED 5 p23 ln 13 CSSCT’61_63


McA/I/Ninch in 1821 to 1871 England / Ireland / Scotland Census Records: pg.2017-09

McAninch Family History NL v.XXV n.1  /  June 2017  /  Copyright Frank McAninch

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