[Milton C. McAninch, continued]

Milton married Julia A. Bryant, 8 Feb. 1869, Putnam County, and they had three children

(son Ezra, b. Feb. 1870, daughter Clara, b.ca.1872, and son Everett, b.21 May 1875).

Two of Milton's younger brothers, Samuel W. (S.W.) McAninch [1870, Note 2] and

William A. McAninch [1897, Note 9] also served as Postmasters in Putnam County.

Milton was a successful farmer in Putnam County, and served as Postmaster at the

Belle Union Post Office, Putnam County, from 24 June 1898 to 1904 (over five years).

Milton C. McAninch died 5 Mar. 1923, and his wife Julia died 12 Dec. 1926; both are.

buried in the New Providence Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Putnam County, Indiana.


Brothers Fred Alonzo McNinch, b. Oct. 1874, West Virginia, and Harry Walter McNinch,

b. Sept. 1878, West Virginia, sons of Joseph B. McNinch (1851-1925) and Sophia

(Miller) McNinch (1852-1927). Fred served as Postmaster at Wolfrun, Marshall County,

West Virginia, for three terms, (1) from 18 Mar. 1898 to 9 Oct. 1902 (about five years),

(2) from 13 Feb. 1905 to 6 Apr. 1908 (over three years), and (3) from 23 Feb. 1909 to

30 Sept. 1909 (seven months), when the Post Office was discontinued. Younger brother

Harry McNinch served as postmaster from 6 Apr 1908 to 23 Feb 1909 (almost one year).


Oliver Olin McAninch, b. 22 Feb. 1854, Amo, Hendricks County, Indiana, third

son of Joseph McAninch (b. 2 Apr. 1821, Casey County, Kentucky; d. 9 Mar. 1907,

Mt. Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa) and Elizabeth Jane (Quiett) McAninch (1825-1913),

grand-son of Samuel McAninch (b.ca. Feb.1789, d.1859) and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore)

McAninch (b.1792, d.bef.1850), and great-grand-son of the original Daniel McAninch

(b.ca.1750, Ireland, d.ca.1822, prob. Tennessee), one of the two McAninch pioneers

in Lincoln County, Kentucky [Note 3].

Oliver married Deborah Emily Gildersleeve, 13 Sept. 1876, Caledonia, Ringgold County,

Iowa, and they had five children (Perry Moses, Ira Joseph, Elizabeth Ann,

Leslie Oliver, and Theo Faye) in three states (Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota).

Oliver was a successful farmer in Aitken County, northern Minnesota, and became the

first Postmaster at Haypoint, Aitken County, serving from 25 July 1900 to 19 Oct. 1905

(over five years). Oliver died 28 Oct. 1932, Deborah died 20 Mar. 1950, and both are

buried in the Haypoint Cemetery, Macville Township, Aitken County, Minnesota.

[see also] "Oliver Olin McAninch (1854-1932)" article by Dick Schack, Vancouver,

    Washington, MFHN v.XII n.2 April pg.2005-11 (six pages, and photographs)



James Monroe McIninch, b. 27 Feb. 1895, Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri,

second son of Charles Postly and Synthia Jane (McCorkle) McIninch [see 1894, Note 8].

James married(1) Francis B. 'Nita' Eaves, and had three sons: James Joel, [continued]


McA/I/Nin(ch/sh) Postmasters, 1832-1971 (United States Post Office records, NARA M841)

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