[continued] William (b.ca.1805) married(1st) (unknown female) Brown before 1825,

probably married in Casey County, Kentucky, or Giles County, Tennessee, and moved

through Giles County, central Tennessee, and into Shelby County, western Tennessee.

William (b.ca.1805) and his first wife (unknown) Brown had 4 children:

    William George McAninch, b.12 Nov. 1825, d.1854, DeSoto County, Missisippi;

    Elias Brown McAninch, b.ca.1828, went to Milam County, Texas [Note 5] [below];

    Perilee E. A. McAninch, mar. Stephen P. Dalehite, DeSoto County, Missisippi;

    John Forrest McAninch, b.28 May 1833, Shelby County, Tennessee, went to Texas [5].

William McAninch (b.ca.1805) married(2nd) Maria (Starr) Ross, mar.ca.1834-1837,

Shelby County, Tennessee, and they moved south to DeSoto County, Mississippi, where

William ran the Coldwater ferry and toll bridge, and they had six children together:

    Asbery B. McAninch, b.ca.1839, Pvt., Co. I, 29th Miss. Inf. [Note 5]

    Alpheus McA, b.ca.1840, Pvt., Co. I, 29th Miss. Inf. [Note 5]

    Arabella McAninch, b.ca.1841, mar. Rufus P. Dollahite

    Erastus George McAninch, b.20 Oct. 1843, Pvt., Co. I, 29th Miss. Inf. [Note 5]

    Laura McAninch, b.1844, mar. B. F. Lewis, lived in DeSoto County

    (Zachary) Taylor McAninch, b.1846-1848, Pvt., Co. A, Blythe's Battalion [Note 5]

William (b.ca.1805) died Mar. 1854, DeSoto County, with many Probate Court records.

Later, his widow Maria (Starr) (Ross) McAninch was the Postmaster at Loves Station,

DeSoto County, Mississippi, from 30 Dec. 1870 to 26 Apr. 1875 (more than four years).

Maria (Starr) (Ross) McAninch died ca.1875, DeSoto County; both William (b.ca.1805)

and Maria are probably buried in unmarked graves at the McAninch Family Cemetery,

DeSoto County, Mississippi [Range 7 W, Township 4 S, Section 9].


"McAninch for the Confederacy: Eight Who Fought for Southern Independence",

'Confederate Soldiers' series in 3 parts: Part I, MFHN v.IX n.4 Oct. 2001 pg.2001-27;

Part II, MFHN v.X n.1 Jan. 2002 pg.2002-03; III, MFHN v.X n.2 April 2002 pg. 2002-12

    Part 1: http://www.mcaninch.net/Newsletter/mfn09y01/m09p27w6.htm

    Part 2: http://www.mcaninch.net/Newsletter/mfn10y02/m10p03w6.htm

    Part 3: http://www.mcaninch.net/Newsletter/mfn10y02/m10p12w6.htm


Victoria Lucretia (Tucker) McAninch (later McAnish), b.29 Aug. 1865, in California

(poss. Tulare County), daughter of Lewis Tucker and Martha C. (Moon) Tucker.

Victoria married Stewart L. McAninch, 25 Apr. 1891, recorded in Nye County, Nevada.

Stewart L. McAninch and Victoria (Tucker) McAninch (later McAnish) lived at Bristol,

Lincoln County, Nevada, where Victoria was the Postmaster from 23 Aug. 1892 to

March 1893 (seven months); Victoria was pregnant at the time, and, three months later,

delivered their first child, John Stewart McAnish, on 14 July 1893, at White River,

Lincoln County, Nevada. [Stewart L. McAninch (later McAnish) and family, Note 7]


McA/I/Nin(ch/sh) Postmasters, 1832-1971 (United States Post Office records, NARA M841)

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