Sources and Notes about these McA/I/Nin(ch/sh) people:


Source: Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-1971. NARA M841, 145 rolls,

Records of the Post Office Department, Record Group No. 28, NARA, Washington, D.C.

online at, 2010, indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.

Description: This collection of 181 volumes of post office appointments and vacancies

stretches from 1832 until 1971 [and] show the date of establishment and discontinuance

of post offices, changes of names of post offices, and names and appointment dates for

their postmasters. The database also includes dates of Presidential appointments of

postmasters and their confirmation dates by the Senate. Starting in 1870, the records

contain names of post offices where the discontinued post office’s mail was sent.


Samuel W.[?Wilson] McAninch, b.29 Oct. 1845, Indiana (prob. Putnam County), son

of Elisha McAninch (b.1815, d.1895) and Basheba (Scott) McAninch (b.1818, d.1894),

grand-son of Samuel McAninch (, d.1859) and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore)

McAninch (b.1792, d.bef.1850), and great-grand-son of the original Daniel McAninch

(, Ireland,, prob. Tennessee), one of the two McAninch pioneers in

Lincoln County, Kentucky [Note 3] [below].

Samuel W. McAninch, known as "S.W.", married (Virginia) Agnes Keller, 27 Feb. 1868,

Putnam County, and they had three daughters:

    Emma F. McAninch, b.Jan.1869, mar. John M. Masten, 10 Oct. 1894, Hendricks Co.;

    (Alice) Maude McAninch,, mar. Otto F. Lakin, 29 Apr. 1896, Hendricks Co.;

    and an infant daughter McAninch, b.28 Oct. 1890, d. 3 Nov. 1890, Hendricks County.

(Samuel) S.W. was a well-known farmer and drygoods merchant in Putnam County,

and served as Postmaster at Mount Meridian, Putnam County, for one year (9 Nov. 1870

to 19 Dec. 1871). Later, just over the county line in Coatesville, Hendricks County,

S.W. served as a Clay Township trustee in Hendricks County. Samuel died 13 Dec. 1898,

buried in the Coatesville Cemetery, Coatesville, Clay Township, Hendricks Co., Indiana.


"Daniel McAninch, Part II: From Pennsylvania, 1790, to Lincoln County, Kentucky",

MFHN v.IX n.2 April 2001 pg.2001-11, > Newsletter > 2001 >



Maria (Starr) (Ross) McAninch was born 1805-1810, in Tennessee, married(1st)

(unknown) Ross, later married(2nd) William McAninch (born ca.1805, Lincoln County,

Kentucky), son of the younger Kentucky pioneer William McAninch (b.bef.1765, d.1813,

Casey County, Kentucky) and Laodieca Rawson (also Doshea Dosey(Dawson?))

(b.bef.1765), who married 7 Oct. 1796, Greene County, (eastern) Tennessee, and then

went through the Cumberland Gap into Lincoln County, Kentucky [Note 3]. [continued]


McA/I/Nin(ch/sh) Postmasters, 1832-1971 (United States Post Office records, NARA M841)

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