6th Century

Dál Riata (also Dalriada or Dalriata), a Gaelic overkingdom,


~550 CE

included parts of western Scotland and northeastern Ulster in

Ireland (across the North Channel). In the late 6th and early 7th

centuries it encompassed roughly what is present-day Argyll and

Lochaber in (western) Scotland and County Antrim in Ulster.

[and] Scots/Scott in northern Ireland, present-day County Antrim


[and] Clan MacInnes in Dalriada (‘Mac Innes’, son of Angus)


8th Century

Ireland before the Vikings, the Golden Age, monastic expansion;


The Book of Kells, by Columban monks (refugees from Iona),


produced ca.800 in a monastery at Kells, County Meath, now

on display in the Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin (TCD)

9th Century

Vikings in Ireland: “Viking” (from the Old Norse vikingr) means


800’s CE

“sea-rover” or “pirate”, from present-day Norway and Denmark.


and 900’s CE

They built fortified encampments along the coast, overwintering in


Ireland instead of retreating to Scandinavia or British bases


917 to 1014 CE

Dublin was the largest city in the Viking world, with trading from


Iceland to Constantinople [and Viking Y-DNA is known R1a’s]

c.941 - 1014 CE

Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, founder of the O'Brien dynasty


11th Century

24 generations: McAninch, TMRCA, 99% (98.69% - 99.42%)



(Y-DNA, Time to Most-Recent Common Ancestor calculations)


12th Century

Lord of the Isles: Somerled, first Lord of the Isles, b.ca.1105,



(northern) Ireland, son of Gillebride of Clan Angus; died 1164,


in the Battle of Renfrew, probably buried at Iona [prob. R1a1a]



Royal Stewart's of Scotland: The title of High Steward or


Great Steward was given in the 12th century to Walter Fitzalan

whose descendants became the House of Stewart. R1b-L744


Norman arrival in Ireland in 1169: Irish Roots: Norman surnames


13th Century

20 generations: McAninch, TMRCA, 96% (94.44% - 97.61%)



(Y-DNA, Time to Most-Recent Common Ancestor calculations)


14th Century

The Black Death, 1348-1350, bubonic plague / pneumatic plague


15th Century

The “genealogical time frame” begins, referring to the period

since surname adoption, roughly since about the 1400-1500's.


McAninch Y-DNA Status Report 2016: Timeline: 4 of 5: Dál Riata, Clan, McAninch TMRCA’s

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