At this time, our informal ‘McAninch DNA project’ does not have any data from any other types

of DNA tests: no mitochondrial ‘maternal line’ data, no autosomal ‘cousin finder’/‘family finder’

test data, no X-chromosome tests, no 23andMe ‘health / medical conditions’ data, no eye-color

gene test data, no ‘cocktail party’ sensitivity tests (e.g. cilantro), and no paternity tests, etc.

Genetic Genealogy Community, Glossaries, Organizations, and Companies

In the 21st century, the ‘genetic genealogy’ community exists primarily online on the internet:


The International Society of Genetic Genealogy: [12]


ISOGG Genetics Glossaries: [14]

Genetic Terms 2016: [13]

Family Tree DNA Glossary: [19]

And, see the “Timeline, Y-DNA, R1b-M222, and McAninch TMRCA’s included in this report,

from ‘Y-Adam’ and ‘Out of Africa’ through the Celts, Haplogroups R, R1b, our R1b-M222, etc.

ISOGG (The International Society of Genetic Genealogy) [Note 12] was founded to promote

the use of DNA testing in genealogy. ISOGG has an excellent starting point for Y-DNA studies,

isogg Y-chromosome DNA [15]; isogg also includes extensive charts and phylogenetic trees for

Haplogroups and sub-groups [16] (e.g. R1b-M222) [17], with comprehensive glossaries [14].

FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) is the testing company with the most comprehensive Y chromosome,

autosomal, and mitochondrial ancestry DNA database(s) for genetic genealogists [Note 18].

FTDNA has a lot of educational resources available online, glossaries [19], learning center and

webinars [20], and FTDNA hosts many DNA projects: the Clan MacInnes DNA Project [n2],

the R1b Project with its R1b (M343) Descendant Tree [21], and the R1b-M222 Project [22],

with specific R1b-M222 Haplogroup Project Y-DNA Colorized Chart of STRs and SNPs [23].

FTDNA also hosts the “Y-Search” (out-of-date) database for (free) Y-DNA matches [24].

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is the testing service that I used, choosing to add the test results to

the existing Clan MacInnes Y-DNA project, hoping to find long-term background connections

(rather than start a separate McA/I/Ninch project). However, the Clan MacInnes DNA Project

files are only available to members of Clan MacInnes, and those files cannot be shared publicly

(if you are not a member, please consider joining the Clan MacInnes society and DNA project).

However, the R1b-M222 Haplogroup Project (also hosted by FTDNA) does allow public access

to the R1b-M222 Haplogroup Project - Colorized Chart of STRs and SNPs spreadsheet [23].

On this ‘Colorized Chart’, select ‘Markers: Y-DNA 111’, and the ‘McAninch’ line on this chart


McAninch Y-DNA Status Report 2016: 3 of 8: Community, Glossaries, Organizations, Companies

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