McAninch in the 1920 Census: California (11 families)

Campbell, Sarah

Roomer   45   S

b.California f.b.Scotland m.b.Scotland

      ['S', Single]

[occ] “Trained Nurse” / “out” [outside this house]

In the household of Whittington, Mattie, F 35 S[single] . . .

The City and County of San Francisco, 16th Precinct,

32nd Assembly District, [date blank], NARA T625 Roll 137 p.121'B'

[Sarah, using her maiden name Campbell, ex-wife of James McAninch

 (James McAninch, Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada, 1910 and 1920)]

McAninch, Frank

Head   42   M

b.California f.b.Tennessee m.b.Kentucky


[occ] “Employee” / “Garage”

Verna E.

Wife   30   M

b.Nebraska f.b.Illinois m.b.Nebraska


Son     18    S

[S, Single] b.California

O’Neal Township, San Joaquin County, 22 March 1920;

NARA T625 Roll 143 Vol. 114, E.D. 152, pg.66'A', Sheet 30, Line 45

[Frank, son of Martin V. and Alonza J. (Williams) McAninch;

 Frank McAninch and his second wife, Verna E. (Wilcox) McAninch]

McAninch, Harriet J.

Head     F    69

b.Pennsylvania, f.b.New Jersey, m.b.Pennsylvania

Miles T.

Husband M 70

b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania

1602 E. Grant, Selma, Fresno County, 12 Jan. 1920

T625 Roll 97 pgs.122'B'-123'A', Vol. (?)2, E.D. 54, Sheet 13, Line 100

[Harriet J., Head (sic) (NARA T625 Roll 97 pg.122'B' bottom line), and

 Miles T. , Husband, (sic) (NARA T625 Roll 97 pg.123'A' first line)]

[Miles T. McAninch, son of Sylvester J. and Rosanna (Himes) McAninch,

 and his wife Harriet J. (F.?) (maiden name unknown) McAninch, all

 from Jefferson County, Pennsylvania]

McAninch, John

Head   M   57

b.Ireland, f.b.Scotland, m.b.Ireland, [occ] Blacksmith

Immigration: 1876 / Naturalization: 1885

Anna L

Wife    F   53

b.Canada, f.b. England, m.b.Canada

Immigration: 1877 / Naturalization: 1885

Arch J.

Son     M   26

b.California f.b.Ireland m.b.Canada

[occ] “Engineer” / “Civil”

2443(?) 13(?) Ave., City of Oakland, Alameda County, 11 Jan. 1920

NARA T625 Roll 89 pg.233'A', Vol. 5, E.D. 81, Sheet 15, Line 9

[John McAninch, born 1860, Ireland, see the main article in this issue

 California: Two McAninch Families in Placer County, California,

 MFHN vXXII n.2 Sept. 2014 pg.2014-14]


McAninch Family History NL v.XXII n.2 / Sept..2014 / Copyright Frank McAninch / pg.2014-21

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