Sarah ‘Sally’ (McAninch) Moore, third daughter of Henry and Mary (Lucas) McAninch


Sarah 'Sally' L. McAninch, third daughter of Henry and Mary (Lucas) McAninch, married

Eli Moore, on 17 Apr. 1829, in Jackson County, and they remained there for the rest of their lives.


In the 1830 census, Eli and Sarah ‘Sally’ L. (McAninch) Moore were enumerated with Sally’s

parents, Henry and Mary (Lucas) McAninch (1830 census record shown above) [Note 12].


In 1840, Eli, Sally and their two daughters are still living in Lick Township, Jackson County 



Eli Moore 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 0 2 0 0 0 1 [Note 30]


one male '30-40' [Eli Moore,, age ~32 in 1840],


two females '5-10' [oldest daughter Mary Moore, b.21 Jan. 1831, age 9 in 1840]


        [and their second daughter, Nancy A. Moore,, age ~5 in 1840]


one female ‘20-30’ [Sarah 'Sally' (McAninch) Moore, b.24 Mar. 1810, age 30 in 1840]


Their 1850 census record has not been found. Since their 1840 and 1860 census records are both

in Lick Township, it is likely that they were living in Lick Township in 1850 also, but, there is no

Eli / Sarah ‘Sally’ / Mary / Nancy family anywhere in Lick Township in the 1850 census [Note 31].


And, in the 1860 census, Eli Moore, Sarah ‘Sally’, three of their children (Nancy A. Moore, 25,

Eli H. Moore, 9, and Henry F. Moore, 6), and their grand-daughter Sarah E. Duhadway, 7, are

still living in Lick Township (1860 census record already shown above) [Note 18.b].


Sarah ‘Sally’ (McAninch) Moore died in 1868, and was buried in James Cemetery [Note 16].

Eli Moore married (second) Nancy J. ‘Agnes’ Martin, and their 1870 and 1880 census records

can also be found in Jackson County: 



Moore, Eli, 62 M Teamster b.Ohio


Agnes 54 Keeping house b.Ohio  /  Rollins, Catherine, 32 F Domestic Servant b.Ohio




Eli Moore M 72 Married b.Ohio f.b.Pa. m.b.Delaware


Nancy J., F 65 wife Married Keeping House b.Ohio f.b.Pa. m.b.Pa.


William Martin M 26 step-son Single, Coal Miner, b.Ohio f.b.Ohio m.b.Pa. [Nancy’s son]


Margaret Martin F 10 [other]["Child taken" sic] b.Ohio [assume this is Nancy’s daughter]


Eli Moore died 11 Apr. 1882, Jackson County, and is buried in James Cemetery, Jackson County, 

along with his (first) wife Sarah ‘Sally’ L. (McAninch) Moore, and their grand-daughter Sarah E.

Duhadway, daughter of Porter and Mary (Moore) DuHadway [Note 16]. 






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