David Tilton died during the 1840’s (possibly in Franklin County, Ohio), Anna and two of their

children are living in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio at the time of the 1850 census



Ann C. Tilton 45 F b.PA [Anna, b.14 Oct. 1805, age 45 in the 1850 census] [Note 22]


Mary C. Tilton 21 F b.Ohio [dau. Mary C. 'Mollie' Tilton, b.8 Jan. 1830, age 21 in 1850]


Joseph Tilton 18 M W [occ] Foundry b.Ohio [son Joseph Tilton, b.est.1831-1832]


Anna’s father, Henry McAninch, died in 1856, and, sometime during the 1850’s, Anna returned to

Jackson County, Ohio, and is living with her mother Mary (Lucas) McAninch in the 1860 census



McAnninch [sic], Mary  72  F  b.Pennsylvania  $400,$700 [Note 19.a.]


Tilton, Anna C.  55  F  "[b.Pennsylvania] [Henry and Mary’s oldest daughter Anna]


Mary (Lucas) McAninch probably died during the 1860’s, and her daughter Anna C. (McAninch)

Tilton (widow of David Tilton) was still living in Jackson County in the 1870 census  



Tilton, Anna C.,  64  F  Keeping House  b.Ohio [sic] [single-person household] [Note 23]


Anna C. (McAninch) Tilton’s 1873 Shooting Incident, Jackson County, Ohio  


Three years later, at age 68, the widow Anna shot and killed a young boy on her land; there are

multiple published reports of the shooting incident, and of her subsequent trial and conviction: 


“Nov. 14, 1873, an old lady by the name of Anna C. Tilton shot and killed Wm. Franklin

Johnson, a boy about ten years of age, on his return from school. She had been considerably

worried, on account of trespasses, and had threatened to shoot any one coming on her premises.

The boy was not, however, trespassing, and the case was proven one of willful murder, but

being a woman, and nearly seventy years of age, the jury mercifully brought in a verdict of

manslaughter. She was sentenced March 8, 1874, to hard labor in the penitentiary for three years.

The judge was much affected, but being a plain case, he did his duty, leaning, however, on the

side of mercy. She served her time and was discharged.” [Note 24]


[and] “Mrs. Anna Tilton, a widow living a mile east of Jackson, shot a boy named William

Franklin Johnson, aged 10 years, Monday morning, November 24, 1873, as he was returning

from school with some little mates along a path through her land. She was a daughter of Henry

McArmich [sic], one of the pioneers. Her trial began March 9, 1874, and lasted seven days.

She was found guilty of manslaughter and given a sentence of three years.” [Note 25]


After three years in prison, Anna would have been released in 1877, and may (or may not) have

returned to Jackson County, but Anna has not been found in the 1880 census. Anna’s daughter,

Mary ‘Mollie’ (Tilton) Hunt, is living in Cincinnati in 1880 [26], and Anna’s son Joseph Tilton   

is also in Cincinnati [27], but Anna is not living with either of her children in the 1880 census.



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