Henry McAninch (1777-1856) and Family in Jackson County, Ohio  


There were six different ‘First Generation’ early McA/Ninch pioneers in western Pennsylvania: 

Archibald, born 1760-1765, and Henry, born 18 May 1777 , who went separately west to Ohio;

Daniel, born 1750-1755, and William, born bef.1765, who went together southwest to Kentucky;

and John McAninch, born ca.1760, and William, born 1770-1775, who remained in Pennsylvania

[see "First Generation: Six McA/Ninch’s in early western Pennsylvania", Note 1].


Henry McAninch was born 18 May 1777, in Pennsylvania [eastern or central Pennsylvania?] [2].

Henry acquired 150 acres of land in Buffalo Township, Armstrong County, and Henry married

Mary Lucas from adjacent Indiana County, Pennsylvania [3]. Henry and Mary sold their land in

1807 [4], and went west to Ohio (first, near Zanesville, Muskingum County, probably in 1808 [5];

then, second, south-east down-river to Waterford, Washington County, in 1816, and then Henry

and Mary settled in Jackson County, Ohio, in 1830) [Notes 1, 2, 3, and Tax Lists, Note 6].


The family can be also be traced through the various Federal Census records, 1820 through 1860 

[note, however that there is no 1810 census record for Henry in Muskingum County, Ohio, since

all of the Ohio 1810 Federal Census records (except Washington County) were destroyed by the

British during the War of 1812].



McNinch [sic], Henry, 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 1 0 2 0 1 - 0 0 1 0, Washington Co., Waterford Twp.


1 male, 45 and over [Henry, head of household, b.bef.1775 (but, Henry b. May 1777)]


1 female, under 10 [b.1810-1820; daughter Sarah, born 1810]; no females, 10-15;


2 females, 16-25 [b.1795-1805; Anna, b. 1805, and Nancy, b. 1807]; no females, 26-44;


1 female, 45 and over [b.bef.1775; presumably Mary, wife of Henry (but, Mary b. 1788]


And the last four: 0 foreigners, 0 in agriculture, 1 in commerce, 0 in manufacture [Note 7]


All three of Henry and Mary’s daughters got married during the 1820’s: 


1. daughter Anna C. married David Tilton, 11 Nov. 1824, in Washington County, Ohio [Note 8]  


2. daughter Nancy married Phillip Noel, 24 Aug. 1826, also in Washington County, Ohio [Note 9] 


3. and daughter Sarah 'Sally' married Eli Moore, 17 Apr. 1829, in Jackson County, Ohio [Note 10]


Eli Moore, born 1808, Scioto County, Ohio, was living in Jackson County, Ohio, in the 1820’s

(Jackson County was erected in 1816 from parts of Scioto, Gallia, Athens, and Ross counties).


Henry and Mary then went to Jackson County, Ohio, where Eli Moore and their daughter Sarah

‘Sally’ (McAninch) Moore were already living. Henry acquired land in Jackson County, buying

his first 80 acres in February 1830, and then another 80 acres in March 1832 [Note 11].




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