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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume XXII, Number 1, January 31, 2014

A clearinghouse for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)]

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Henry McAninch (1777-1856) and Family in Jackson County, Ohio

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Anna C. (McAninch) Tilton, oldest daughter of Henry and Mary McAninch

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Anna C. (McAninch) Tilton’s 1873 Shooting Incident, Jackson County, Ohio

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Nancy L. (McAninch) Noel, second daughter of Henry and Mary McAninch

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Sarah ‘Sally’ (McAninch) Moore, third daughter of Henry and Mary McA.

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James Cemetery, Jackson, Jackson County, Ohio

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Henry McAninch’s Grave Found in James Cemetery, Jackson, Jackson County, Ohio

Many people volunteer in cemetery restoration efforts across the country, and we thank them for

their efforts. Last year, the James Cemetery Restoration Project, in Jackson, Ohio, found the top

and bottom halves of Henry McAninch (1777-1856)’s gravestone marker. This Henry McAninch

is one of the six early ‘first-generation’ McAninch pioneers in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania,

and then Henry and his family went west to Ohio in 1807-1808. There are two related articles

in this issue about Henry and his family, and about James Cemetery, in Jackson County, Ohio.

Lunar New Year: In the Chinese calendar, 2014 is the Year of the Horse (Yang Wood Horse),

started on January 31st. 2014 (Lunar New Year / Spring Festival) and runs through 18 Feb. 2015.

Groundhog Day, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania: Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow

on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, and saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of cold winter weather.

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