Ulster Province, (northern) Ireland: 1901 and 1911 Census, Counties Antrim and Tyrone

Three McAninch 'household's (Alexander, Daniel and wife Ellen, and Jane and son Samuel)

can be found in both the 1901 and 1911 census records of Ireland (and no other McAninch’s).


McAninch, Alexander, 40, Male, Head of Family, [Religion] Presbyterian,


     [Birthplace] Co Antrim, [Occupation] Farm Servant, [and] Not Married

Mc Kinlay, Mary J, 70, Female, Mother, [Religion] Presbyterian,

     [Birthplace] Co. Antrim, [Marriage] Not Married [is Mary a widow?]

house 2 in Ballyhemlin (Bushmills, County Antrim)


McAninch, Alexander, 51, Farm Servant, Single


house number 3 in Cabragh/Cavanmore (Bushmills, County Antrim)


McAninch, Daniel, 60, Male, Head of Family, Late Established Church,


     [Birthplace] Co Antrim, [Occupation] Shoemaker

McAninch, Ellen, 40, Female, Wife, Late Established Church, [b] Co. Tyrone

house 197 in Bushmills Town (part of) (Bushmills, County Antrim)


McAninch, Daniel, 80, Married, [Occupation] Shoemaker


McAninch, Ellen, 54, Married, 13 [years], [Children] None

house number 22 in Granville Town (Derrygortrevy, County Tyrone) [not Antrim]


McAninch, Jane, 70, Female, Head of Family, [Religion] Church of Ireland,

[1], [3]

     [Birthplace] Co Antrim, [Marriage Status] Widow

McAninch, Samuel, 30, Male, Son, [Religion] Church of Ireland,

     [Birthplace] Co Antrim, [Occ.] Agricultural Labourer, [and] Not Married

house 12 in Lisnagunogue Village (Dunseverick, County Antrim)


McAninch, Jane, 83, Housewife, Widow Mar. 54 yrs., 6 children, 5 living

[2], [4]

McAninch, Samuel, Male, Son, 40, Single, [Occupation] Dealer in Cattle

house number 11 in Lisnagunogue Town (Dunseverick, County Antrim)

Notes and Sources


Census of Ireland, 1901, Form A: http://census.nationalarchives.ie/search/


Census of Ireland, 1911, Form A: http://census.nationalarchives.ie/search/

“All thirty-two counties for 1901 and 1911, searchable by all information categories . . .”


Possibly Jane (McConaghy) McAninch, widow of Archibald McA. (b.ca.1818, d.1889)


‘Mar’ and ‘Children’ data entered on the Form (by Jane?) then crossed-out (by whom?)


Forward Reference: McA/I/Ninch in 1821-1911 England/Ireland/Scotland, MFHN 2017


McAninch Family History NL v.XXI n.4 / October 2013 / Copyright Frank McAninch / p.2013-36

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