Vern McAninch (1890-1912), Indiana, and 100 Hundred Years Ago in Alaska     


Vern McAninch (full name Vern Wilson McAninch) was born 20 Sept. 1890, in the small town

of Coatesville, Hendricks County, Indiana. [Coatesville, Notes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] 


Vern McAninch was the youngest son, and the last of 11 13 children, born to Daniel A. McAninch

and Rhoda B. (Ann) (Wilson) McAninch, long time residents of the Coatesville area, where Daniel

was a track crew and carpenter gang foreman on the Terre Haute and Indianapolis railroad (merged

into the Vandalia Railroad in 1905, later acquired by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1921) [Note 3],

and Rhoda kept the family house on west Main Street in Coatesville. [Notes 6, 7, 8 (pictures)]


Vern’s father, Daniel A. McAninch, was born 16 Dec. 1850, in Hendricks County, Indiana, and

grew up in the Coatesville area. Daniel A. McAninch, the second son of Daniel and Phebe (Pike)

McAninch, was a grand-son of Samuel and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, of Pleasant Hill,

Hendricks County (Samuel,, Pennsylvania; d.30 July 1859, Hendricks County),

and a great-grand-son of Daniel McAninch, pioneer in Lincoln and Casey Counties, Kentucky


Daniel A. McAninch’s parents, and Vern’s grand-parents, were Daniel McAninch (‘senior’)

(born 17 Apr. 1819, Casey County, Kentucky, died 27 May 1897 , Hendricks County, Indiana)

and Phebe (Pike) McAninch [born 5 Mar. 1827, Ohio (prob. Highland County), died 10 Mar. 1883,

Franklin Township, Hendricks County, Indiana). Phebe’s parents were Tristram and Margaret T.

(Buntain) Pike, neighbors of the Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch family. Daniel and

Phebe (Pike) McAninch were married 6 Sept. 1843, in Hendricks County, and raised five children 

there. Daniel (‘senior’) was a successful farmer in Franklin Township, Hendricks County, and 

was a Justice of the Peace in Hendricks County in the 1860’s. Daniel (‘senior’) and Phebe are 

both buried in the Stilesville Cemetery, Stilesville, Hendricks County, Indiana.


Vern’s great-grand-parents were Samuel McAninch (born ca. Feb. 1789, in Pennsylvania, and

died 30 July 1859, Hendricks County, Indiana) and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore) McAninch (born

3 Apr. 1797, Lincoln County, Kentucky, died ca. 1847-1850, prob. Hendricks County, Indiana).

Samuel (and other family members) were buried in the (Old) Pleasant Hill (Methodist Episcopal)

Cemetery, Franklin Township, Hendricks County, Indiana [Note 9].


And Vern was a great-great-grand-son of the original Daniel McAninch, pioneer in Lincoln and

Casey Counties, Kentucky [original Daniel b. ca. 1750, (northern) Ireland (prob. County Antrim),

died ca. 1822, prob. Giles County, Tennessee] [Note 10] 


Vern’s mother, Rhoda B. Wilson was born 27 Mar. 1849 “in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia”

[Note 7], the oldest child of Thomas Milton Wilson and Mary E. (Nugent) Wilson, Quakers from

Guilford County, North Carolina, who moved into Hendricks County, Indiana, ca. 1851-1853.




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