Mississippi: E. G. McAninch vs. H. C. Smith et al, Tate County Chancery Court No.236, 1876


Erastus George McAninch [Note 1]


[1 of 2] Complainant: McAninch E.G. / Defendant: [Estate of] Est. T.D. Smith [Note 2]


[2 of 2] Tate County Chancery Court Records, Docket No. 236: [2 June 1877] [Note 3]


E. G. McAninch, Admír. v. H. C. Smith et al / Bill for Insolvency and Sale of Land


To the honorable J. C. Gray, chancellor of the third Chancery District of the State of Mississippi,

sitting at Senatobia in the County of Tate . . .


The bill of complaint of E. G. McAninch, administrator of all and singular the goods, chattels,

rights, and credits which were of T. D. Smith, late of said Tate county deceased . . .

complaint against

Harriet Monterey McAninch, daughter of said administrator, a minor and heir of†

††† Harriet Monterey McAninch, deceased, who was a daughter of said T. D. Smith, deceased,

H. C. Smith, son of said T. D. Smith, and

Thomas Williams, Mary Williams, Anna Williams, Reuben M. Williams, and William Williams,

††† minor heirs of Rebecca A. Williams, deceased, daughter of said decedent,

††† whose guardian is H. C. Smith above named,

A. J. Smith, son of said T. D. Smith,

Mahala Smith, daughter of said decedent, and

Roberta Gains, daughter of said decedent, and her husband, Edmond Gains,

Nellie Lawtor, daughter of Rebecca A. Williams deceased who was a daughter

††† of said T. D. Smith deceased, and her husband Hugh Lawtor,

all of said parties residing in Tate County, State of Mississippi, except said

Nellie Lawtor and husband, Hugh Lawtor, and minors Anna Williams and Reuben Williams,

who reside in DeSoto County in said state, and minor, William Williams, who resides in

Shelby County in the State of Tennessee, but who sometimes comes to Tate County, in Mississippi.


Would respectfully show unto your Honor that all the lands and assets of the estate of the

said T. D. Smith deceased are not sufficient to pay the indebtedness that has been probated

against said estate . . .


All of the indebtedness as far as has come to the knowledge of your administrator

is about three hundred and thirty five dollars and eighty cents. Many of the claims

included in said amount are preferred claims being personal expenses of the said decedent . . .



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