Arkansas: Searcy County: 1840’s Tax Records, Marriages, and Miscellaneous  


Arkansas: Searcy County Tax Lists 1840’s 







no McA/I/Ninch


1840, 1841, no McA/I/Ninch


McAninch, Henry [Note 1]

[poll] 1 

[land] 29-15-16 [Sec.29 Twp.15 Rng.16 ?W?]


Mackenach [sic], Henry  

[poll] 1  

(1843, no Rea) [Note 1]


no McA/I/Ninch


(1847, no Rea)


Rea, Wm. T. F. [Note 2]


(1850, no McA/I/Ninch)  


no McA/I/Ninch


1852 & 1853, 1854, 1855, 1856, 1858,




1862, 1865, 1866, no McA/I/Ninch


Who is this Henry McAninch, arrives in Searcy County, Arkansas, circa 1841?


Probably from (Giles County) Tennessee; possibly Henry, son of Daniel McAninch?


William T. F. Rea married Cynthia Key McNinch, 1849, Giles County, Tennessee.


Is Cynthia Key McNinch (?McAninch) related to this Henry McAninch?

Source: Tax Lists, Searcy County, Arkansas, 1839-1866, James J. Johnston, Compiler, 1996;


Fayetteville, Arkansas; Family History Library, Salt lake City, US/CAN 976.7195 R4j,


Arkansas: Searcy County Marriages



"Watts, John Wesley, 26, [residence] Marshall" married


"McEninch [sic], Sarah Elizabeth, 16, [res.] Marshall" 4 June 1893, by John W. Gray


 Her consent signed by Calvin McEninch [sic]; Searcy County Marriage Bk D pg.285



[groom] "McInnich [sic], W.H, 21, [residence] Marshall" married


"Davis, Emily, 22, [residence] Marshall" 2 Aug. 1893, by John Kimbrell J.P.


 Searcy County, Arkansas, Marriage Bk D pg.302



"McIninch [sic], W. L., 19, [residence] Marshall" married


"Etherly [sic], Nora, 18, [residence] Marshall" 19 July 1900, by Shelby Armitage J.P.


 Searcy County, Arkansas, Marriage Bk F pg.150


Arkansas: Searcy County Miscellaneous



"Joel Baker and Bill McIninch [sic] engaged in two fights, Sullivan style, recently, 


in which it is said, Bill got the worst of each" / in The Mountain Wave [newspaper],


May 25, 1893, in Shootin's, Obituaries, Politics: Emigratin', Socializin', Commercializin',


and the Press: News items from and about Searcy County, Arkansas, 1866-1901, pg.248,


by James J. Johnston, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1991; FHL SLC US/CAN 976.7195 H2j



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