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McAninch, Fred T., clk, h. 835 Olive 

1914 pg.911


834 [Olive] Fred T. McAninch [Lexington Av. (starts on pg.1775)]

1914 pg.1776 



McAninch, Reuben H., lab[orer] h 79 N. Addison

1917 pg.842 


“Addison N. from 2400 W. Washington” . . . “79 Reuben H. McAninch”


Street And Avenue Guide 1917, pg.1364 col.2




"Mount S from 2400 W. Washington St." . . .  "44 Reuben McAninch"


Street And Avenue Guide 1914, pg.1597 col.2 




McAninch, Cecil, lab[orer] h 45 S. Mount

1920 pg.964


[“McAninch], Dorothy H., tmkpr [timekeeper] r 214 N. Addison



[“McAninch], Jas. E. [James Earl], slsmn, Fletcher Com. Co., h 44 S. Mount


[“McAninch], Oral L., clk [clerk], r 214 N. Addison



[“McAninch], Pearl N., Mrs., clk Detroit Medical Glass Works, r 1062 N. Pershing av.


[“McAninch], Reuben H., mach[inist], h 214 N. Addison



[“McAninch], Theo. [Theodore C.], bench hd, r 44 S. Mount




McAninch, Angie H., r 1407 Dudley av. 

1930 pg.968


[“McAninch], Clova E., Mrs, restr [restaurant] 1301 N. Illinos h do [ditto]


[“McAninch], Esther, slswm [saleswoman] H. P. Wesson & Co., r 28 E. 16th apt 401


[“McAninch], Fred L. (Lilly E.) dentist A. F. Eiteljorg h 1521 College av apt 7


[“McAninch], Herbert, student, r 5520 N. Keystone av



[“McAninch], John, student, r 5520 N. Keystone av



[“McAninch], Mabel, cash[ier], r 1324 N. Delaware



[“McAninch], Oral L. (Irene), carrier PO [Post Office], h 919 N. Penn apt 4


[“McAninch], Pearl (Schuman & McAninch) 



[“McAninch], Valentine S., r 1407 Dudley av 



[and] Letter Carriers (list starts on pg.35) "McAninch Oral L."

1930 pg.36


[and] Schuman & McAnich [sic],



                Irene Schuman, Pearl McAninch, beauty shop 115 E. 49th 

1930 pg.1229



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