One Hundred Years Ago: McAninch in the 1910 Census: West Virginia (6 families)


McAninch, Charles T.

M  22  M1[Married,1] 1 [year] / [occ] Laborer / Dye Works


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania 

        Edna M., wife

 F  20  M1[Married,1] 1 [year], 1 child, 1 living / [occ] None


b.West Virginia, f.b.West Virginia, m.b.West Virginia

        Charles J., son

M  8/12  S  /  b.West Virginia f.b.Pennsylvania m.b.West Virginia

Ohio County, Wheeling City, Ward 5, 18 June 1910; NARA T624 Roll 1692 pg.6 ED 98 sh.6‘A’

[indexed “McAmisch”]

[Charles, son of Oliver P. and Cora Belle (Morgan) McAninch;


 Charles Thomas McAninch and Edna May (Leach) McAninch]


[McAninch, G. M., born ca.1881-1882, in Scotland]

Be[avers?], P. G., head

M  38  M1[Married,1] 7 [years] / [occ] Salesman / Supply


b.West Va., f.b.Virginia, m.b.Virginia

        Effie, wife

 F  30  M1[Married,1] 7 [years], 1 child, 1 living


b.West Va., f.b.Virginia, m.b.Virginia / [occ] “None”

        Eloise, daughter

 F    5  S[single]

b./f.b./m.b.West Vairginia  

McAninch, G. M., boarder

M  28  S[single]

b.Scotland, f.b.Scotland, m.b.Scotland


[immigration] 1900 [naturalized] “U.S.” [occ] “Mgr.” “Coal Co.”

Four other boarders: McCoy, Harry / Kenworthy, A. H. / Burgess, Milton / G[reen?], Charles

McDowell County, Browns Creek District, ‘_’ Apr. 1910; T624 Roll 1686 pg.185 ED 78 sh.1‘A’ 

[indexed “McAnish”]

[McAninch, G. M., born in Scotland, no other info about him]


McAninch, George R.

M  58  M1[Married,1] 37 [yrs] / [occ] Manager / Lumber Plant


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania  

        Isabella, wife

 F  58  M1[Married,1] 37 [years], 8 children, 6 living


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania / [occ] None

Randolph County, Leadsville District, 15 Apr. 1910; T624 Roll 1696 pg.109 ED 120 sh.1‘A’

West Virginia

[George Ralston McAninch, son of George A. and Mary


 Magdalene (Hetrick) McAninch, from Jefferson County, Penn.;


 George Ralston and Isabel (Isabella Leslie) McAninch] 



McAninch Family History NL v.XIX n.3 / July 2011 / Copyright Frank McAninch / page 2011-33


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