One Hundred Years Ago: McAninch in the 1910 Census: Tennessee (2 entries)


Carr, Amanda, head 

 F  43  M2[Married,2] 5 [years], 6 children, 5 living


b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Virginia / [occ] Farmer [?] farm

McAninch, James, son 

M  15  S[single]

[occ] “Farm Laborer” ”Working as [?]”  


b.Tennessee, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Tennessee   

Carter County, Civil District 8, 15 [?] Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 1492 pg.100 ED 8 sh.1’A’

[eastern Tennessee]

[Amanda (Jones) (McAninch) Carr, widow of James Henry

[indexed “McAnench”]

 McAninch (1857-1895), and James Henry McAninch Jr.,


 son of James Henry (Sr.) and Amanda (Jones) McAninch]


Mimns, Thomas J.

M  37  M1[Married,1] 13 [years] / [occ] “Agent” “Railroad”


b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Tennessee  [occ]

        [unreadable], wife

 F  32  M1[Married,1] 13 [years], 3 children, 3 living


b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Tennessee / [occ] “None”

        M [?], daughter

 F  9[?]  S[single]

b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Tennessee  

        Thomas J., Jr., son

M    6  S[single]

b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Tennessee   

        William, son

M    1  S[single]

b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Tennessee 

Rader, Melvina[?], mother-in-law,  F  75  W [widow]

[occ] “None”


b.Tennessee, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Tennessee 

McAnich [sic], Ocie, servant 

 F  17  S[single]

[occ] “Servant” “Private Family”


b.Tennessee, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Tennessee 

Carter County, Elizabethton, Ward 4, 25 Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 1492 p.192 ED 14 sh.16’A’

[eastern Tennessee]

[Ocie McAninch, daughter of James Henry McAninch (Sr.)

[indexed “McAnich”]

 (1857-1895) and Amanda (Jones) McAninch (see record above)]




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