Moss, Wm N. [William]

M  50  M1[Married,1] 23 [years] / [occ] “Farmer” “Farm”


b.Alabama, f.b.Alabama, m.b.U.S.  

        Erabella [sic], wife

 F  44  M1[Married,1] 23 [years], 4 children, 2 living


b.Texas, f.b.Mississippi, m.b.Texas / [occ] “None”

        Mac A., son

M  21  S[single]

b.Texas / “Farm Laborer”  “Home farm”`

        Jessie, daughter

 F  17  S[single]

b.Texas f.bAlabama, m.b.Texas   

Coryell County, Justice Precinct 3, 20 Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 1542 pg. 86 ED 35 sh.4‘B’


[Arabell(e)(a) Jannette McAninch, daughter of John Forrest and


 Sarah J. (McDaniel) McAninch (Lampassas Co., Texas, 1910);


 William N. Moss and Arabell(e)(a) Jannette (McAninch) Moss]




One Hundred Years Ago: McAninch in the 1910 Census: Wyoming (1 entry)


Fort D. A. Russell, Laramie, Wyoming, Company “A”, Hospital Corps 

[long list] . . .



McAninch, Clyde H.

M  21  S[single]

[occ] “Soldier” “U.S. Army”



b.Penna., f.b.Penna., m.b.Penna. 

Laramie Co., Fort D. A. Russell, District 3, 20 May 1910; T624 Roll 1746 pg.48 ED 145 sh.8'B'


[Clyde, son of Arthur Lee (A.L.) and Amanzilla E. (Moore)


 McAninch, Rimersburg, Clarion County, Pennsylvania] 




McAninch Family History NL v.XVIII n.4 / October 2010 / Copyright Frank McAninch / pg.2010-56


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