One Hundred Years Ago: McAninch in the 1910 Census: California (14 households)


Allison, Charles

M  32  M1[Married,1] 12 [years] / [occ] Blacksmith


b.Missouri, f.b.Missouri, m.b.Missouri 

        Blanch, wife

 F  35  M1[Married,1] 12 [years], 5 children, 5 living


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania 

        Emma L., daughter

 F  11  S

[all five children] 

        James M., son, M 8 S  /  Clyde, son, M 6 S

b.California, f.b.Missouri, m.b.Pennsylvania 

        Clarence, son, M 3 S  /  Hellen [sic], daughter, F 5/12 S

Fresno County, Township Three, ‘_’ Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 76 pg.210 ED 178 sh.5’A’


[daughter of Samuel O. and Mary E. (Yeomans) McAninch,


 Charles Allison and (Ida) Blanch(e) (McAninch) Allison]


Dennis, Fred

M  37  M1[Married,1] 10 [years] / [occ] “dealer” “horses”


b.England, f.b.England, m.b.England 

        Zula, wife

 F  33  M1[Married,1] 10 [years], 4 children, 4 living


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania 

        Lillian V., daughter

 F   9  S

[all four children]

        Frederick A., son

M   7  S

b.California, f.b.England, m.b.Pennsylvania 

        Louis J., son, M 5 S  /  Donald M., son, M 2 S

Fresno County, Kingsburg City, 15 Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 76 pg.119 ED 68 sh.1’A’


[daughter of Samuel O. and Mary E. (Yeomans) McAninch,


 Frederick Dennis and Sarah Zula (McAninch) Dennis]


Hale, Mary R., head

 F  37  Wd [Widow], 4 children, 3 living / [occ] “Farmer”


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b Pennsylvania

        Oliver, son

M  16  S

[all three children]

        Charles, son, M 14 S  /  Paul, son, M 12 S

b.Minnesota, f.b./m.b Pennsylvania

Fresno County, Fresno City, Ward 3, ‘_’ Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 76 pg.209 ED [?] sh.4'B'


[daughter of Samuel O. and Mary E. (Yeomans) McAninch,


 Mary Rose (McAninch) Hale, widow of Louis Hale]


McAninch, E. H., head

M  68  M1[married,1] 42 [yrs] / “Keeper” “Lodging House”


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania

Button, M. E., housekeeper

 F  49  Wd[widow], 4 children, 4 living

        [M.E. is not E.H.’s wife]

b.Illinois, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Indiana / [occ] “Housekeeper”

Lipman[?], Hayden, Newman, Walton, other surnames

[12 Lodgers]

Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City, 16 Apr. 1910; T624 Roll 84 pg.126 ED 8[?] sh.1'B'

[“West 1st St.” in left margin]

[Elijah Hamilton ‘E.H.’ McAninch, living in Los Angeles,

[indexed “McAnoch”]

 and running a boarding house; his wife, Elizabeth (Carrier)


 McAninch, is still living in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania]



McAninch Family History NL v.XVIII n.2 / April 2010 / Copyright Frank McAninch / page 2010-14


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