One Hundred Years Ago: McAninch in 1910 Census: North Dakota (3 entries)  


Gonsum [sp?], Hubert, head

M  52  W[widowed] / [occ] Farmer, General Farm


                                    b.Germany, f.b.Germany, m.b.Germany

McAninch, David, boarder

M  57  S[single]

b.Ireland, f.b.Ireland, m.b.Ireland 


[Year of Immigration] 1861, [Naturalized or Alien] “Nat”

Williams County, Golden Valley Twp., 3-4 May 1910; T624 Roll 1149 pg.258 ED 220 sh.10 'B'

[indexed “McAnnich”]

[David McAninch, immigrant from Ireland (no other info.)]


McAninch, Floyd

M  21  M1[Married,1] 4 [years] / [occ] Farmer


b.Iowa, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania 

        Olive, wife

 F  21  M1[Married,1] 4 [years], 2 children, 1 living



b.Iowa, f.b.Iowa, m.b.Iowa 

        Louise, daughter

 F    1    S[single]

b.North Dakota, f.b.Iowa, m.b.Iowa

Morton County, Twp. 133 Range 83, 1 May 1910; T624 Roll 1144 pg.188 ED 126 sh.12 ’A’

North Dakota

[Floyd McAninch, son of George and Mary (Watson) McA.,


 (see next record), and wife, Olive E. (Morgan) McAninch]


McAninch, George

M  67  Wd [Widowed] / [occ] Farmer


b.Pennsylvania, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Pennsylvania

        Frank, son

M  33  S[single]

b.Iowa, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Penn.

        Amelda, daughter

 F  28  S[single]

b.Iowa, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Penn.

        John, son

M  27  S[single]

b.Iowa, f.b.Pennsylvania, m.b.Penn.

Morton County, Twp. 133 Range 83, 1 May 1910; T624 Roll 1144 pg.187 ED 126 sh.11 ’A’

North Dakota

[George McAninch, Pennsylvania-Missouri-Iowa-N.Dakota,


 widower of Mary (Watson) McAninch (1849-1908), son of


 Henry and Elizabeth (Bowser) McAninch (see 1910 Iowa)]


[Census record found by Lorna Gilbert, Houston, Texas]



McAninch Family History NL v.XVIII n.1, January 2010, Copyright Frank McAninch, page 2010-12


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