Illinois: McAninch in the 1910 census (continued)


And two sisters in Greene County, Emily ‘Emma’ McAninch, and Louisa (McAninch) Gibson,

daughters of Jesse McAninch and Jane D. (Staats) McAninch; from Casey County, Kentucky.



McAninch, Emma, head [1]

 F  70  Wid.  children _ living _ [blanks] / [occ] “None”


b.Kentucky, f.b.Kentucky, m.b. Kentucky 

Gibson ______ [sic], sister [1]

 F  67  S[single]

[occ] “None”

    [Louisa (McAninch) Gibson]

b.Illinois, f.b.Kentucky, m.b. Kentucky 

Davis, Frank A., nephew

M  52  M1[Married,1] 14 [years] / [occ] Clerk, Bank


b.Illinois, f.b.Kentucky, m.b.New York 

        Jessie A., niece 

 F  37  M1[Married,1] 14 [years] children _ living _ [blanks]

            [Jessie A. Brown] [2]

b.Illinois, f.b.Illinois, m.b.Illinois 

        Francis, grand-nephew

M    5  S[single]

b.Illinois, f.b.Illinois, m.b.Illinois 

Greene County, Carrollton City, Ward 2, 2 May 1910; T624 Roll 289 pg.55 ED 33 sh.23’A’

[indexed “McAmich”]


[1] Emma McAninch (never married) and sister Louisa (McAninch) Gibson; it appears that

      their ages have been reversed, Emma, 70 (sic, 67), and Gibson (Louisa), sister, 67 (sic, 70)

[2] another sister, Maria J. McAninch (1851-1873), mar. George W. Brown, one child, Jessie


New Mexico: McAninch in the 1910 census



McAninch, John D.

M  47  M1[Married,1] 5 [years] / Farmer, General Farm


b.Texas, f.b.Tennessee, m.b.Texas 

        Lizzie, wife

 F  22  M1[Married,1] 5 [years], 1 child, 1 living


b.Texas, f.b.Texas, m.b.Texas / [occ] “None”

        Roy D., son

M    3  S[single]  b.New Mexico, f.b.Texas, m.b.Texas

Eddy County, Carlsbad City, 23 Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 914 pg.22 ED 73 sh.7'B'


[John D. and (Elizabeth) Lizzie (McDonald) McAninch]


Everett, Effie, head [1]

 F  39  M[2][Married,2] 3 [years], 3 children, 3 living


b.Missouri, f.b.[unreadable], m.b.Vermont / Sales[person], Dry Goods

        Charles, son [2,3]

M  16  S[single]

b.New Mexico, f.b.[Illinois], m.b.[Missouri] 

        Grace, daughter

 F  15  S[single]

b.New Mexico, f.b.[Illinois], m.b.[Missouri] 

        Fred, son

M  [13]  S[single]

b.New Mexico, f.b.[Illinois], m.b.[Missouri] 

Grant County, Silver City, 13 May 1910; NARA T624 Roll 915 pg.77 ED [?] sh.4'B'

[indexed “Everett, Effie”]

[this census record is very difficult to read]

[1] Effie (Farnsworth) (McAninch) Everett, widow of Samuel H. McAninch, from Illinois

[2] Samuel H. McAninch, son of Jesse and Jane (Staats) McAninch, was born 10 May 1854,

      Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois, married Effie Farnsworth, 11 July 1892, Silver City,

      Grant County, New Mexico, and died 10 Dec. 1904, Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico

[3] Charles Wright McAninch, b.8 July 1893, Grace McAninch, and Frederic McAninch

      are the three children of Samuel H. McAninch and Effie (Farnsworth) McAninch



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