Illinois: McAninch in the 1910 census


Two brothers in Chicago, George Daniel Elwood McAninch, born 19 Feb. 1880, Coatesville,

Hendricks County, Indiana (my grand-father /Frank), and his older brother, John Freeman

McAninch, born Jan. 1871, Coatesville, sons of Daniel A. and Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch.


McAninch, George D. E.

M 30, M1[Married,1] 3 [years] / Accountant, Steel Works


b.Indiana, f.b.Indiana, m.b.West Virginia

        Julia Gladys, wife

 F 23, M1[Married,1] 3 [years], 1 child, 0 living


b.Illinois, f.b.Michigan, m.b.Illinois, [occ] None

Cook County, Chicago, 8th ward, 29 Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 248 pg.221 ED 457 sh.14'B'


McAninch, John F. [F., not D.]

M 39, M1[Married,1] 13 [years] / Conductor, Railroad

b.Indiana, f.b.Indiana, m.b.Virginia

        Louise, wife

F 35 M2[Married,2] 13 [years], 4 children, 4 living,

b.Indiana, f.b."West England", m.b.Ohio [Ohio, not Ills]

        Joseph J., son

M 12 S[single]

b.Illinois, f.b.Indiana, m.b.Michigan

        James D., son

M 4 S[single]

b.Illinois, f.b.Indiana, m.b.Michigan

Scott, Jane, mother-in-law

F __ Wid [widow]

6 children, 5 living,



b.Ohio, f.b.[blank], m.b.[blank]

Morris, Grace M., step-daughter

F 16 S[single]

b.Indiana, f.b.Indiana, m.b.Indiana

Murphy, Emma, niece

F 9 S[single]

b.Indiana, f.b.Indiana, m.b.Indiana

Murphy, Joseph, nephew

M 5 S[single]

b.Indiana, f.b.Indiana, m.b.Indiana

Cook County, Chicago, 7th Ward, 21-22 Apr. 1910; NARA T624 Roll 248 pg.81 ED 434 sh.7'B'


A mother and three children in Rock Island, western Illinois, with her second husband.




Rossmany, Wm.

M 37 M1[Married,1] 3 [years] / switchman, railroad


b.Illinois, f.b.Germany, m.b.Ireland

        Lottie, wife

F 37 M2[Married,2] 3 [years], 3 children, 3 living,


b.Illinois, f.b.France, m.b.Texas; [occ] [blank]

McAninch, Sadie, step daughter

F 18 S Polisher

b.Iowa, f.b.Ohio, m.b.Illinois

        Clyde, step son

M 17 S Machinist

b.Iowa, f.b.Ohio, m.b.Illinois

        Benjamin, step son

M 14 S[single]

b.Iowa, f.b.Ohio, m.b.Illinois

Doltsett [sp?], Erhard, boarder

M 25 S[single]

b.Illinois / switchman, railroad

Rock Island County, 7th Ward, Rock Island, 26 Apr. 1910; T624 Roll321 p262 ED 126 sh.18A


Lottie Ann Franch, born ca.1873 in Illinois, was the first wife of George W. McAninch of

Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, just across the Mississippi River from Rock Island, Illinois.

George, b.1869 Ohio, is a son of William Alexander and Sarah Catherine (Shidler) McAninch.



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