One Hundred Years Ago: McAninch in the 1910 Census


The 1910 census was the 13th enumeration of the United States, one hundred years ago.


There are 21 states (and a few other territories) with no McAninch’s in the 1910 census


      Alabama, Alaska (Territory in 1910), Arizona (Territory in 1910), Connecticut,

      Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam (Territory),

      Hawaii (Territory in 1910), Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana,

      New Hampshire, North Carolina, Puerto Rico (Commonwealth), South Carolina,

      South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands (Territory), Virginia, and Wisconsin


Twelve states have only one or two McAninch families in the 1910 census


      Colorado (2), Massachusetts (2), Michigan (2), Mississippi (1), Nebraska (1),

      New Jersey (1), New Mexico (Territory in 1910) (2), Oregon (1), Rhode Island (1),

      Tennessee (2), Washington state (2), and Wyoming (1).


Ten states have a small number of multiple McAninch families (3 or more, less than 10)


      Arkansas (4), California (8), Illinois (4), Minnesota (4), Nevada (3),

      New York (3), North Dakota (3), Oklahoma (9), Texas (9), and West Virginia (5). 


And seven states have large numbers of McAninch families in the 1910 census 


      Indiana (28), Iowa (32), Kansas (10), Kentucky (15), Missouri (22), Ohio (20), and

      Pennsylvania (40) (and, these numbers may increase, as indexed mis-spellings are found).


The 1910 census records for two states have already been published in the Newsletter


      Nevada – three entries, Augustus McAninch, James M. McAninch, and John McAninch,

      in the article “Nevada: McAninch in 1900 and 1910 Census records (none found in 1880,

      nor 1920)”, three 1910 census records shown on MFHN v.XI.n.4 October 2003 p.2003-29


      Oregon – only one family, Stewart (McAninch) McAnish, in the article 

      “Stewart McAninch in Nevada: Part II: 1891 to 1899” / “Stewart McAninch in Nevada,

      1883 to 1899, then Stewart McAnish in Oregon”, MFHN v.XV n.2 April 2009 p.2009-10,

      and his 1910 census record is shown in Note [36], MFHN v.XV n.2 April 2009 p.2009-16


The 1910 census records for McAninch families in Illinois and New Mexico are covered in this

issue, and the 1910 census records from the other states will be covered through 2010 next year.



McAninch Family History NL v.XVII n.4 / October 2009 / Copyright Frank McAninch / page 2009-32


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