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Arkansas to Oklahoma: 1910, Searcy County, Arkansas; 1920, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma






“McIninch, Allen 

H   M  27  M1  09 [9 yrs]

b.AR  f.b.AR  m.b.AR  [#14] 001


 (Easterly) Nora 

W   F  27  M1  09  04  03 

b.MO  f.b.TN  m.b.MO



 D   F    8  S 

b.AR  f.b.AR  m.b.MO



 D   F    4  S 

b.AR  f.b.AR  m.b.MO [Marie?]



 D   F    2  S 

b.AR  f.b.AR  m.b.MO


 Easterly, George 

BL M  20  S  [brother-in-law]

b.AR  f.b.TN  m.b.MO  [#14] 077


Searcy County, Arkansas, 1910 Census, by Ruby Lacy, Judith Keeler, Larry Watts;


1995, pg.23; Ruby Lacy, PO Box 628, Ashland Oregon 97520; 1910 NARA T624 Roll 64



"McNinch, Allen L.

36  b.AR 

Oklahoma, Pontotoc County; 1920 NARA



36  b.KS 

T625 Roll 1479 Vol.58 ED 167 sh.4 line 80



13  b.AR 

[age 18?]



13  b.AR 




  8  b.AR 




  6  b.AR 




1-1/2  b.OK 



 Easterley Joe

BL  b.AR 



Indiana: 1852, 1853, Morgan County Land Records





Oct. 2, 1852

McAninch, William A. et al  

[from] Gerrard, Eliza, et ux.


purchased 145 acres in Morgan County, Sec. 31 Twp. 14 Range 2 West

Feb. 2, 1853

McAninch, William A. et al  

[from] George Bridgewater et ux.


purchased 5 acres in Morgan County, Sec. 30 Twp. 14 Range 2 West


Morgan County, Indiana, Land Records, Grantee Index, Vol. 2, 1852-1858


Iowa: 1903, Ringgold County


“Struck by Lightning / The McAninch Boys, Living at Blockton, Struck by Lightning”

“Harry and Bryan McAninch, living at Blockton, narrowly escaped death on Saturday evening.

The boys were standing in the barn door during a severe thunderstorm, and the barn was struck

by lightning, and also the house. Both of the boys were severely shocked, and on Sunday the

physicians called in the case entertained little hope of their recovery. They grew better on Monday,

and it is now believed they will recover. Their father was away from home at the time, and the rest

of the family were in the house, but were not injured by the shock.”

‘Ringgold Record’, 23 April 1903, pg.8; from Rosalie Eben Schack, CG, Owatonna, Minnesota.

[brothers Harry Lee McAninch, age 12 (b. 20 Dec. 1890), and Bryan Dale McAninch, age 5

 (b. 7 June 1897), sons of Milton Fletcher McAninch and Flora Belle (Abbott) McAninch].



McAninch Family History NL v.XVI n.1 / January 2008 / Frank McAninch, Editor / page 2008-02


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