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McAninch, Jonathan

Coalman Stewart

[Bk]   8    [Pg] 557



  " [McAninch], Otis

L. C. Greer et al

[Bk]  95   [Pg] 172

  " [Deed]


  " [McAninch], Fred

M. F. Donlonie

[Bk] 102  [Pg] 169

  " [Deed]


  " [McAninch], Fred

M. F. Donlonie

[Bk] M-39 [Pg] 159








General Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Pulaski County, Kentucky, Grantees


(to January 1st, 1934), Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky; LDS film 1912,846


Kentucky: 1892-1893; The Janie Wash Institute, Middleburg, Casey County, Kentucky


Janie Wash Institute was a school organized after the Civil War by the people of Middleburg,

Casey County, Kentucky and of the adjoining areas. It was named in honor of the wife of

T.W. Wash, who was one of the trustees of the school and was County Clerk of Casey County

for 2 decades. The name of the school was later changed to Middleburg Normal College. The

school was reorganized into Middleburg Graded and High School around 1908. The old buildings

of Middleburg School were torn down in 1936 and work was begun on a modern building.


There are seven McAninch children on the 1892-1893 list, all from Middleburg, Kentucky --

McAninch, Charles [married Mary Lucas, 1904] [siblings Florence, Jennie, Polk, and Rosa];

McAninch, Clell [McClellan, married Ann Elizabeth Russell, 1900] [and his brother Henry];

McAninch, Florence [married ‘Mim’ (Mimus Kelly) Wilson] [brothers Charles and Polk];

McAninch, Henry [Henry Howard, later married Ruby Scott] [went to Louisville, Kentucky];

McAninch, Jennie [married William C. McIntosh, 1899] [with two brothers and two sisters];

McAninch, Polk [(James K.) Polk McAninch, married Nellie Surber, 1897]; and

McAninch, Razia [sic, Rosa L.] [married James E. Click, 1899] [later married(2) Jesse Cloyd];


From the book The Men, Women, Events, Institutions and Lore of Casey County, Kentucky,

collected by W.M. Watkins. The information was collected by him during 1936, 1937, and 1938,

and republished by the Casey County News, Liberty, Kentucky, in 1967.


article and 1892-1893 list found by David McAninch, Spokane, Washington


Also in The Men, Women, Events, Institutions & Lore of Casey County, by W. M. Watkins,

is the Civil War story about “Uncle Howe McAninch” [H. H. McAninch], the Confederate raider, 

General John H. Morgan, and the paper money hidden in a martin box [MFHN v III n.3 p.1995-23].



McAninch Family History NL v.XV n.3 / July 2007 / Frank McAninch, Editor / page 2007-23


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