‘McAninch Tree’ in the 1939 Casey County, Kentucky,-book 


"The McAninch Tree" [Note 1]

(Note: The symbol (&) is to be read "who married.")


Jerry McAninch [2] had three sons: Howard [3], Buis [4], and Berry [5] [6].

Howard [3] married Melissa Ross and had the following children:

Robert & Lula Russell (children: Clell who married Anna Liza Russell;

Henry who married Ruby Scott);

George who married Sally Spears, and had the following children:

(Zach & Eliza Hatter; Howard & Alice Cline; Fannie & Bill Wade; Emily; Durham; Mary Bet;

Willie; Sammy; Carrie & James Camden; Rosa & Clem Camden; Lula & Edward Stebbins;

Cordia & George Buis; Cloyd & Myra Adams; John & Celia Telljohn; and Mattie & Avery Stevens).


Sam, brother to George, married Susie Wilcher and had the following children:

Emma & John Foley; Lissie & Henry Bartle; Rosa & Jim Click; Jennie & Bill McIntosh;

Florence & Mim Wilson; Rosa & Jesse Cloyd; Charley & Mary Lucas; and Poke & Nellie Surber.


Mattie married three times, John Bolin, John Wesley, and Ol English.

Lizzie married Willis Coulter. Teeney married J. C. Coulter. Mary married John Williams.

Sallie married John McDaniel, and Anna married Henry Lucas.


Berry [5], son of Jerry [2] and brother to Howard [3], married Nancy Morgan and

had the following children:

George & Jane Elliot first, and later Bettie Trobridge;

John who first married Bettie Smith and later Melissa McQueary;

Will, who married Lizzie Ross; Jim who married Evylin Dockery;

Marshall who married Mollie McAninch; Minerva who married Marshall Brown; and Bettie.


The childen of Marshall were: Nannie & E. E. Workman; Fannie & a Merrit; Lawrence;

and Willie & a Hatter.


Cora Lee was the daughter of Jim and Evylin.


The children of Will and Lizzie Ross were Arthur; Everett who married a Morgan;

and Loretta & Jackie McQueary.


Oliver and Lou Ella were children of John.


The children of George were: Mattie; Emma & George Ashley; Flora & Eli G. Wesley;

Joe & Elsie Adams; Jim Harlan & Mary Wesley; and Jason & Laura Andrews.



McAninch Family History NL v.XV n.3 / July 2007 / Frank McAninch, Editor / page 2007-21


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