John McIninch, born circa 1790, emigrated to Canada


There were two John McIninch’s, both born circa 1790, who both emigrated to Canada --


1.   John McAninch, born ca. 1790, Ireland, who emigrated to Canada in 1823, and married

      Eliza Kenney, 30 Mar. 1828, Burton, Sunbury County, New Brunswick. They had a large

      family, lived in Carleton County, New Brunswick, and some of their children came south and

      founded the McIninch families who lived in the areas of Bridgewater and Great Pond, Maine.


2.   And John McIninch, born ca. 1790, Coleraine, County Londonderry, Ulster Province, and son

      of another John McIninch; this emigrant John married Mary Jane McKie, Halifax, Nova Scotia,

      and their descendents lived in Sackville and St. Stephens, New Brunswick, and some of their

      children also came south of the border, and lived in Calais, Vanceboro, and Woodland, Maine.

      Two previous articles about this family include MFHN v.III n.3 p.1995-32, “John McIninch

      (by Charles Bernard MacIninch, Trumbull, Conn., in 1908)”, and MFHN v.VI n.2 p.1998-19,

      “John S. and Jane (Armstrong) McIninch, and their Family, New Brunswick, Canada”


John (1 of 2, above) and Eliza (Kenney) McIninch lived in Carleton County, New Brunswick.

One of their sons, Asa McAninch, was born 24 Feb. 1834, in New Brunswick, and was listed on

the 1851 Canada census as “McIninch, Asa, boot & shoemaker, 1851 living in Wakefield Parish”

(Carleton County, New Brunswick). Asa, age 24, married Kathryn Meriah Kelley, 20 Nov. 1858.

He was listed as “McNinch, Asa” on a 1867 Provincial Militia List; “Inchitch, Asa, shoemaker”,

in Lovell's New Brunswick Directory 1871; and later as “McNintch” in the 1901 Canada census

“McNintch Asa M Head M Feb 8, 1834 67” / “McNintch Katherine F Wife M Jul 12, 1837 63”

[New Brunswick; District: Carleton (#14); Sub: Wakefield H-1 Page 2; T-6439].


The surname spelling change to McNintch (now MacNintch) was reported in an earlier article --

“New Brunswick: re McIninch, McNintch, and MacNintch -- The story has been passed down in

 the family that Asa changed the spelling to McNintch” [MFHN v. IV n 4, December p.1996-30].


Asa’s son, Rev. Abner Mesereau McNintch, was born 7 July 1863 , and married Janie Elizabeth

Bent, on 19 June 1891; Abner was a Baptist minister in rural New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Abner and Janie Elizabeth (Bent) McNintch had four sons, Robie Edward, Guy P., Sable M., and

Laurie Kelly McNintch. Three of these brothers, Laurie Kelly, Robie Edward, and Sable, served

in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during World War I [MFHN v.V n.1 p.1997-02].


The author of The Brother Keepers historical novel, John E. (Ted) MacNintch, said that his father,

Laurie, moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, from Nova Scotia around 1916, and Laurie’s brother

Robie also lived there, and that they changed the name to the current Mac spelling.



McAninch Family History NL v.XV n.3 / July 2007 / Frank McAninch, Editor / page 2007-18


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