The ‘Shoe Box’ Picture Collection of Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch (1849-1930)


Locations: Coatesville, Hendricks County, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois, Terre Haute, Indiana.


Daniel A. McAninch was born 16 December 1850, in Hendricks County, the youngest

son of Daniel McAninch (b.1819, d.1897) and Phebe Pike (b.1827, d.1883), grand-son of

Samuel McAninch (b.1789, d.1859) and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch (b.1797,,

and a great-grand-son of Daniel McAninch (, Ulster, northern Ireland;


Daniel A. McAninch, and Rhoda B. Wilson, born 27 March 1849, in Virginia, were married

23 December 1869, in Coatesville, and lived on West Main St. there for the rest of their lives.

Daniel and Rhoda had thirteen children, but six died young (1879 epidemic, and 1886).


Seven children reached adulthood, although only five married and had children:


John Freeman McAninch (1871-1947), mar. Louise Scott, lived in Chicago, Illinois.


Dora E. McAninch (1872-1924), mar. Charles M. Swain, lived in Terre Haute, Indiana.


George D. E. McAninch (1880-1963), mar. Gladys Reed, lived in Chicago, Illinois.


Maude McAninch (1883-1978), mar. Lorin Bilderbeck, and was a teacher in Florida.


William M. McAninch (1886-1942), never married, no children; lived in Coatesville.


Fred Thomas McAninch (1888-1914), mar. Estella Phillips, died in Colorado, 1914.


Vernon Wilson McAninch (1890-1912), U. S. Army, stationed in Alaska, died 1912.


These photographs and other family items were collected by Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch

(1849-1930), wife of Daniel A. McAninch (1850-1930), both long-term residents of Coatesville > Genealogy > ‘Shoe Box’ Collection of Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch, or


[direct link]\Genealogy\Rhoda-Pictures


Acquisition: February, 2005, estate of Lillian Louise McAninch (1932-2004), from her sister,

Elaine (McAninch) Hicks, Worth, Illinois; passed down by their father, James Daniel McAninch

(1906-1987), and grand-father, John Freeman McAninch (1871-1947), in the family of Daniel A.

McAninch (1850-1930) and Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch (1849-1930), who lived on West Main

Street, Coatesville (married 23 Dec. 1869, Coatesville; and both buried in Coatesville Cemetery).



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