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Pennsylvania: 1843, Armstrong County Orphans Court




No. 9 December Term 1843


[Source: Note 1]


In the matter


And now to wit 23 December 1843 the Petition of 

of the Petition


Asa Freeman was presented setting forth that Letters

of Asa Freeman


of Administration on the Estate of John McAninch were

for a citation


granted to Henry McAninch more than a year ago, that he 

re Adm. to


has not settled his account upon the Estate of said deceased.

Henry McAninch


Your Petitioner therefore prays your honor to direct a



citation to issue to the said Admin. to compel him to



settle his account upon the Estate of said deceased.


Clerk fees



23 December 1843

Citation awarded

Shff fees



  1 February 1844

Exct Citation [executed?]




13 February 1844

Citation returned, served personally





to answerer /s/ John Truly, Sheriff



Orphans Court, Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania; December Term 1843,


Vol. 1, pg. 12, “No. 9 December Term 1843”; LDS film 861,249


This Petition was Recorded in the Orphans Court records; three other documents


were recorded in the Armstrong County estate records, Register Docket No. 499, as


reported in M.F.H.N. vol.V n.1, Jan. 1997, p.1997-08, “Estate of John McAninch”


Tennessee: 1835, 1847, Giles County


[1835] 179 - For David Baker, assignee of Samuel McAninch, Entry --, 97 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 3,

on headwaters of Hurrican[e] Fork of Choates Creek, adj. David McGwier; Caleb Hart; Vines

Harwell. Surv. 5 Sep 1835. Calbe [sic, Caleb] Hart & David Baker, C.C. [Chain Carriers]


[1847] 366 - For Caleb Hart, Entry 23, 45 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 3, C.D.'s 5 and 6, on waters of

Hurricane Creek, adj. George & Abel Simpson; Vines Harwell; Samuel McAnnick [sic],

Isaac Shaw. Surv. 23 Feb 1847. Harrison D. Hart & Harvey C. Hart, C.C.




Giles County, Tennessee Land Entry Abstracts, Tennessee Genealogical


Records Repository, copyright 2002, contributed by Janell McCann,






Was Samuel McAninch still living in Giles County in 1847?



McAninch Family History NL v.XV n.1 /  January 2007 / Copyright Frank McAninch / page 2007-02


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