World War I Draft Registration, 1917-1918

[updated March 2006 /Frank McAninch]



In 1917 and 1918, approximately 24 million men filed a draft registration card for the World War

[now known as World War I]. These registration cards represent approximately 98% of the men

under the age of 46. The total U.S. population in 1917-1918 was about 100 million individuals.

In other words, close to 25% of the total population is represented in these records.


There are 188 McAninch men in that database; 64 are listed in this ‘Part I’ article, and the other 124

are listed in the ‘Part II’ article, [forward reference] MFHN v.XIV n.1, January 2006, page 2006-12

The WWI Draft Registration database was updated again in November, 2005, and it was reported at

that time that they wanted to get it finished before Veteran’s Day, in November, 2005.


At the time of this ‘Part I’ article (August, 2005, for the October, 2005, issue), it was not clear that

the database had not been finished yet. Although I could not find either of my own grand-fathers

(in that version), we were able to find many other people (including my wife’s grand-fathers), and

went ahead and published the McA/I/Ninch names that were in that version of the database.


Three draft registrations were held [Note 1]



June 5, 1917

Men 21 to 31 years of age [born June 6, 1886 – June 5, 1896]





June 5, 1918, and

Men who had become 21 since June 5, 1917, and


August 24, 1918

supplemental registration [b. June 6, 1897 – Aug. 24, 1897]





Sept 12, 1918

Men between 18 and 45 [born Sept 11, 1872 – Sept 12, 1900]



[men not previously registered and not already in the military]


In general, the WWI draft registration cards included the following information --

full name, home address [often just the County name], date of birth [and sometimes birthplace],

age, race, and country of citizenship; [usually] occupation, [sometimes] employer; and usually a

physical description (height, build, hair and eye color, disabilities) Additional information such

as the name [and possibly address] of nearest relative, dependent relatives, marital status, their

father's birthplace, and/or previous military training, along with the required individual signature.


There are 64 McAninch men in the World War I Draft Registration Cards database [Note 2];

there are also 20 McIninch names, and 76 McNinch names, which are summarized at the end.



[N.R.] for “Nearest Relative” [Notes 3, 4]


Arthur Neal McAninch

[1918] Furth, Lincoln County, Arkansas



[born] 23 Oct 1897

[N.R.] Mrs. S. J. McAninch, Little Rock



McAninch Family History NL, v.XIII.n.4 / October 2005 / Copyright Frank McAninch / page 2005-26


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