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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume XIII, Number 4, October 1, 2005.


A clearing house for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)].

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DNA (Deoxynucleic Acid), McAninch DNA Project? Clan MacInnes?

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World War I Draft Registration, 1917-1918 (McA/I/Ninch)

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DNA (Deoxynucleic Acid), McAninch DNA Project? Clan MacInnes? McA/I/Ninch? 


Human cells contain 23 pairs of chromosome, and the 23rd pair are called the sex chromosomes.

Females have two X chromosomes, and males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome.

The DNA in the Y chromosome is transmitted from father to sons. Scientists have identified a small

portion, which is passed virtually unchanged. Testing of this portion of the Y chromosome provides

information about the direct male line, which is the father, his father, and so forth back in time.

There's a lot of information available online, including

FamilyTree DNA, http://www/familytreedna.com 

GeneTrace,           http://www.gentrace.com/y-chromosone-test.htm 

GeneTree,             http://www.gentree.com/product/y-chromosone-dns.asp 


Working backwards, chronologically, Y-DNA testing could prove some early relationships

1. Kentucky -- Daniel McAninch (b.ca.1750, d.ca.1822) and William McAninch (b.bef.1765, d.1813)

2. western Pennsylvania -- connections with John McAninch, early pioneer in Armstrong County

3. central Pennsylvania -- connections with other McAninch's from central Pennsylvania

4. northern Ireland – “Ulster variant of MacInnes”, any and all McA/I/Ninch’s and Clan MacInnes


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