Missouri Soldiers Database: War of 1812 - World War I

[Note 1]




McIninch, Samuel

Osage War

1st Brigade [Osage War, winter of 1836-1837]


[Martin, 3 records]

Martin C. McAninch         [“McAninch for the Confederacy” Note 2]

McAninch, M.

Civil War

16th Missouri Volunteers Infantry, Co. A

McAninch, M.

Civil War

Lewis’ 16th Reg’t Infantry Volunteers CSA, Co. A

McIninch, Matt

Civil War

16th Missouri Inf. Co. A [card says “Matt or Mart”]


[‘Henry’, 4 records]

William Harrison ‘Henry’ McAninch [“McA. / Confederacy” Note 2]

McAninch, Henry

Civil War

[“Commander: Quantrill” on the service record card]

McAninch, W. H.

Civil War

10th Regiment Cavalry Volunteers CSA, Co. A

McAninch, W. H.

Civil War

3rd Missouri Infantry, Co. D

McIninch, Henry

Civil War

16th Missouri Infantry Co. A


McAninch, Samuel

Civil War

77th Regiment E.M.M., Co. I [Note 3]




McIninch, Amos

Civil War

Joseph's Battalion Six Months Militia, Co. B


World War I records




McAninch, Paul V.

World War I

Army / Marine

Corporal [Jan. 1919]


Army SN: 1,147,975; inducted at Sedalia on 7/30/1918


b.18 Mar 1892 at Hughesville, Mo; Flying School, Brooks Field, TX

McAninch, Samuel

World War I

Army / Marine

Corporal [Jan. 1919]


Army SN: 492,301; inducted at Jeff. Barracks on 5/16/1918


Age 19 2/3 yrs [est.b.1898]; BP: Johnston, Mo; [svc] Ordnance Depot

McIninch, George Arthur   World War I        Army / Marine



Army SN: 4,521,167; inducted at Saint Joseph on 10/1/1918


born 28 Sep 1898 at Saint Joseph, Missouri;


[svc] 2 Co Student Army Tng C Missouri Univ. Unit, Columbia, Mo.



Soldiers Database: War of 1812 – World War I, http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/soldiers


Secretary of State, Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, MO 65101 (573) 751-4936


“McAninch for the Confederacy: Eight Who Fought for Southern Independence”, 3 parts;


MFHN v.IX n.4 Oct. 2001 pg.2001-27; Part II, III, MFHN v.X n.1,2 pg.2002-03; pg.2002-12


E.M.M., Enrolled Missouri Militia, was the largest of half a dozen different


"militia" organizations raised during the Civil War in this badly divided border state.


77th EMM: Kansas City, Jackson County, mobilized for defense during Price's invasion,


fortified the town (Fall 1864); reserve in the battle of Westport (October 23, 1864).






No (other) M(ac/c)(A/I)(-/n/nn)i(-/n/nn)ch variations, and no McNinch in this database.



McAninch Family History NL, v.XIII.n.3 /  July 2005 / Copyright Frank McAninch / page 2005-20


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