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Missouri: Howell County, 1919 – (James) William ‘Bill’ McAninch


A Howell County Man Beat ’Em. / When Wm McAninch, a Howell County farmer and stockman

whose home is near Bakersfield, bought a fine Stallion recently at Horton, Kansas, the Railroad

company wanted about a $100 to transport the animal to West Plains. Mr. McAninch wouldn't

pay it. Although 65 yrs old but as tough as a pine knot as far as physical ability is concerned,

Mr. McAninch rode the horse from Horton, Kansas, to Bakersfield, a distance of 300 miles in less

than a week. The weather was quite pleasant and when Mr. McAninch arrived home both horse and

rider were none the worse for their trip.


Howell County Gazette, March 20, 1919; now the West Plains Daily Quill, West Plains MO 65775;

http://www.westplainsquill.com; article reported by Linda McAninch, Marshfield, Missouri


(James) William McAninch was born 5 May 1850, Casey County, Kentucky, son of George C. and

Eliza Jane (Wickersham) McAninch. William, also known as Bill, James W., and “J. W.”, was a

grand-son of Jonathan and Telitha (Turpin) McAninch, and great-grand-son of William McAninch,

one of the two pioneer McAninch’s in 1790’s Lincoln County, Kentucky.


North Carolina: 1693, Perquiman’s Precinct, Albemarle County


“Samull Powell & Margreett Micantush [sic] were mariade [sic] by me this 3d. August 1693”,

in Old Albemarle County, North Carolina, Perquiman’s Precinct, Births, Marriages, Deaths,

and Flesh Marks, 1659-1820, by Wynette Parks Haun, 1980, Durham, North Carolina 27704;

transcribed from Microfilm C.077.6001, N.C. Dept. of Archives and History, Raleigh, N.C.

Analysis: this is probably “McIntosh” or something like that, but an interesting old record /Frank


Ohio: 1880’s – Lucinda McAninch







Civil War Pension

Soldier "Cowden, Joseph"

Widow "Cowden, Joanna"

[State From


Service "G 12th Ill. Cav."

Minor "McAninch, Lucinda"

Which Filed]

Widow "1880 Feb 11"

Application 259,938

Certificate 235,248


Minor   [unreadable]

Application 385,641

[no Certificate Number]



Pennsylvania: 1860’s? 1880’s? – Rebecca McAninch (central Pennsylvania)






Civil War Pension

Soldier "Erb, William"

Mother "McAninch, R."

[State From


Service "[C?,G?] 3 Pa. Inf."


Which Filed]

Mother   [1860’s?]

Application 43,377

Certificate 50,026




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