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McA/I/Ninch Surnames in America: 2003

From the Dictionary of American Family Names, 3 Volumes, 2128 pages, Edited by Patrick Hanks;

published May 2003, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4; Langson Library, U.C.Irvine


“Angus (1479) Scottish and (less frequently) Irish: from the Gaelic personal name


Aonghus, said to be composed of Celtic aon 'one' + 'gus' choice. This was borne by


an Irish god and a famous 8th-century Pictish King. It is also the name of a county


on Tayside (named after him); in some cases the surname may be a regional name


from this county.” [Vol 1 A-F pg.42] [Tayside, near Perth, on the Firth of Tay]


“McAninch (753) Northern Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mag Aonghuis


(see McInnis).” ["Mag Aonghuis" sic] [Vol. II, G-N, pg.543]


Not listed in this book


“McInnis (2874) Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Aonghuis, a patronymic


 from the personal name Aonghus (see Angus).” ["Mac" sic] [Vol. II G-N pg.556]


“McNinch (420) Irish: reduced form of McAninch.” [Vol. II G-N pg.561]


(1479) (753) (2874) (420) “frequency of this surname in the sample of 88.7 million


listings in the DAFN database” [DAFN: this Dictionary of American Family Names]


Nevada: 1891, Stewart McAninch married Victoria Tucker





State of Nevada / County of Nye } ss


This is to certify that the undersigned District Judge of the State of Nevada did on the 25th day

of April A.D. 1891, join in lawful wedlock Stewart McAninch and Victoria Tucker with their

mutual consent in presence of Mrs. Wm. Horton and Wm. Horton, witnesses.


T.[S?] F. Talbot / District Judge of the State of Nevada

Witnesses: Mrs. Wm. Horton / Wm. Horton


Recorded at request of T. F. Talbot, May 25th 1891 at 8 o’clock A.M.


W. Brougher County Recorder




Nye County, Nevada; Marriage Certificates

[County Seat: Tonopah, Nevada]

Book. A, 1864-1915; pg.35 (LDS FHL film 1,863,589 item 4)


No other McA/I/Ninch entries in other Nye County records: Births and deaths, v.A-C 1887-1911;

Marriage certificates v.A 1864-1915; Index to marriages, v.B 1916-1947, v.C (A-R) 1948-1972;

Index, applications and licenses 1868-1951, 1870-1962; Marriage licenses, no. 1-199, 1885-1904.



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