Pennsylvania Civil War Veterans’ Card File Records, 1861-1866





Pennsylvania State Archives; ARIAS, Pennsylvania’s Digital State Archives,



History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, five volume set, by


Samuel Penniman Bates; pub. Harrisburg, 1869-1871.



Civil War Veterans' Card File, 1861-1866 {series #19.12}

These 3" x 5" cards were initially prepared as an index to Bates’ five volume set.

The Office of the Adjutant General later expanded the scope of the cards by transcribing

onto them data found on the original Civil War Muster Rolls and Related Records, 1861-1866.

The information generally includes the soldiers' names, military units, Bates' citations, ages at

enrollment, descriptions, residences and birthplaces; the dates and places where enrolled; the dates

and places where mustered in; and the dates of discharge. The listing is not inclusive.


This database was originally found by Linda McAninch, Marshfield, Missouri.


Name, Muster Date(s)

Unit, Rank

Source, Location(s)

Comments and Notes

[Transcribed from the typed index cards]

[added Dec. 2004 /Frank]


Ellsworth ‘Elza’ McAninch (, d.1911) [Jefferson County, Pennsylvania]

McAninch, Elza

G- 76 I

2 – 974 [Bates]

[Co. G, 76th Infantry]

Drafted / M.I. 8-25-63 

As Pvt. 

At Waterford

[Westmoreland County]

Discharged: 5-13-65 




Age at enrollment: 31 



[Drafted by order of]

Remarks: by order of W.D. dated 5-3-65


[the War Department]


Elisha H. McAninch (b.1841, [Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania]

McIninch, Elisha [sic]

D – 63 I

2 – 505

[Bates books, v.2, p.505]

Enrolled: N.R.

At: N.R.


[“N.R.” Not Recorded]

M.I.: 8-1-61

As: Musc.

At: Allegheny Pa.

[Musician, 63rd Infantry]

M.O.: 8-1-64




Age at enrollment: N.R.




Remarks: All information taken from Bates.

[reference to Bates book]


[two cards] Harvey McAninch ( [Jefferson County] [to Washtenaw County, Michigan?]

McAninch, Harvey

K -8 I (3 Mo)

1 – 84

[Bates books, v.1, p.84]

Enrolled 4-24-61


At Brookville

[Jefferson County]

M.I. 4-24-61

As Pvt.

At Hbg. Pa.


Age at enrollment: 22


Occup. Lumberman


Residence- Jefferson County



Remarks: Company M.O. 7-29-61


[“3 month” company]



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